Ashok Lodhi with his bike

Ashok Lodhi, a state school teacher in the Phatpani area of ​​Koriya District, rides his bike and LED TV teaching children through cartoon and music amid a COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is a small effort on my part to raise children through films. I teach different subjects to students in grades 1 to 5. Students like to study this way because it is fun. I feel very good when students are waiting for me with enthusiasm, ”said Lodhi, who received a lot of praise for his unique initiative, which he nicknamed“ Cinema Wale Babu ”.

He added that because of his new initiative, he doesn’t have to pay extra as the TV comes from the school he teaches in and he planned to visit places to take classes anyway.

“I thought this was a good way to attract students. The local government gave me encouragement too,” he added.

Dr. Alok Shukla, chief secretary of the school education department in Chhattisgarh, praised Lodhi’s initiative, saying that such innovations are rare even in large cities.

“I would like to congratulate the district administration on their efforts to ensure a seamless district education. A teacher named “Cinema Wale Babu” tied a TV to his motorcycle and went to various places to teach kids about cartoons and music. Such innovations are rare, even in large cities, ”said Shukla.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Chhattisgarh government set up an online portal called Padhai Tuhar Duar to notify students stuck in their homes during the lockdown. The state government further developed the program in August and introduced “Padhai Tuhar Para”, which is intended to teach children in their localities and villages with the help of the community.

Cinema Wale Babu students seem to be enjoying his lessons. “It’s fun. We watch cartoons and study at the same time,” said one student.

Lodhi’s efforts have managed to please many in his area. Dinesh Nayak, an elementary school teacher in Panchayat Village, Sara, spoke to ANI about Lodhi’s initiative. “It’s a great effort. Students learn easily through a video medium. Our students get excited when they hear about the arrival of Cinema wale babu, “he said.


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