With schools closed, digital technology plays a key role in delivering education: President Kovind
NEW DELHI: With schools and colleges remaining closed or affected due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, digital technology will play a key role in delivering education, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Saturday.

Kovind, who presented the 2020 National Teachers’ Awards in a virtual ceremony in Delhi on Teachers Day, congratulated all the award-winning educators and emphasized that 18 of the 47 winners are women.

“Schools and colleges are either closed or affected due to COVID-19. In such a situation, digital technology plays a key role in delivering education. It is important that you improve your digital technology skills so that you can teach more effectively will, “said Kovind.

He also thanked all of his teachers and for their affection and guidance that enabled him on his journey to get to where he is today.

“Good buildings, expensive equipment, or facilities don’t make a school. It’s the dedication and will of teachers towards their students that make a school. Teachers are the true nation builders who lay the foundations for the character formation of our enlightened sons and daughters Citizens develop, “said Kovind.

“The real success of a teacher is in making his student a good person, able to think and act rationally, with compassion and empathy, courage and wisdom, creativity, scientific thinking and moral values,” added he added.

The president said teachers struggling with education through digital media worked hard in that short time to connect with their students online now.

“It is important that each of you use digital technology to improve and update your skills, which will make your teaching more effective. Teachers must work with parents to encourage online learning so that they can be with children can work together and inspire them to learn with interest, “he said.

Kovind said everyone also needs to ensure that children across the country, be it rural, tribal or remote areas, are given the opportunity to learn through the digital medium.

Regarding the new education policy, he said: “Teachers should be at the center of fundamental changes in the education system. Under the new education policy, all possible steps must be taken to empower teachers. Efforts must be made to attract the most promising people in the teaching profession all levels. ”


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