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Hiring an employee for a company these days is not an easy task as it involves a number of time-consuming steps. Among all these steps, assessing the potential candidate is probably the most important task for the hiring manager.

The assessment part becomes even more difficult when you have to hire developers and computer engineers.

The companies or human resource managers need to assess the specific programming skills of these candidates and coding tests are used for this purpose. These tests help in assessing the applicant’s knowledge of the programming language and other technical aspects related to the job description. For this purpose, personal coding interviews are carried out by HR managers. However, this type of assessment can only be performed if the company has the space and other necessary resources. It becomes a very expensive method of evaluating candidates. However, with the use of technology, a simple alternative for this type of assessment has emerged and that is an online assessment Coding test. Many companies use this evaluation method today to hire programmers and developers.

This type of test helps save a lot of time and has many other benefits for the users or the recruiting organizations. In addition, there is less chance of error in evaluating a candidate through an online coding test rather than a face-to-face coding interview. Therefore, conducting the assessment in a conventional manner can result in the hiring of the wrong candidate, and such poor hiring costs the organization a lot of money and time. Such an attitude adversely affects the productivity of the team. Bad attitudes also lead to a high turnover rate. However, online coding tests can prevent or reduce such incidents. Despite knowing about this type of assessment test, many organizations are reluctant to use this type of test. The next section discusses some key reasons why you should use online coding tests to assess candidates for a developer or programmer job. These are given below:

  • Choose from the international talent: With the advent of the Internet, the world has become more global than before, and the selection of employees is not limited to just one geographic location while a position in an organization is being filled. The same applies to the assessment of students, regardless of where they are in the world; their performance can be assessed by the institutions. Online coding tests have become a great option for people who lack job opportunities in their own country and who want an international experience in their careers. That being said, there are many companies looking to recruit beyond their regional boundaries, and such companies rely on the coding tests online. Thus, the evaluation of a potential candidate who is based in another country can be made possible without great effort and very easily.
  • Assessing Candidates Beyond Their Résumé: It is not important that good developers can be identified only by their academic degree and good grades. As a technical recruiter, it is important to assess a candidate’s programming skills beyond their resume using online coding tests. Using such a platform for online coding testing, you may find an exceptional talent that you have considered something average. Online coding tests allow technical recruiters to evaluate the aspects of a candidate that are most important to their job profile.
  • Handy for the candidate: the majority of candidates who apply for a new position are those who are still employed by another organization. These types of candidates are known as passive candidates. Such candidates are those who are looking for a better job. It is not possible for these candidates to take a pre-recruiting test by being physically present in the office of recruiting organizations. Those students who work part-time or pursue something else with their studies can also use such tests as the tests are planned according to their wishes. Online coding tests are very important for such candidates as they can take these tests at flexible times, including where they live, as needed.
  • Better integration with applicant tracking system: As a technical recruiter, you need to know about the ATS (applicant tracking system) or have one in your company. You will be surprised to find that some of the online coding test platforms allow integration with more than ATS systems in a simple and straightforward way. You can create a great recruiting system for your company by incorporating an online pre-hire test into your ATS.
  • Creating an in-house talent database: It is always better to keep the records of previously employed personnel. This is because any open position allows you to contact your previous contacts as you already know about their skills and potential. If they are available, you can use them without evaluation or by performing a small evaluation before hiring. The online coding test platform enables us to maintain the information of all previously evaluated candidates and the ranking of all of these candidates. In this way, you can use such platforms to maintain a systematic internal talent database for your company.
  • Ability to test large numbers of candidates: Taking a coding test prior to hiring serves as a screening step and there is a chance you may need to assess large numbers of candidates. Assessment of such a large number of candidates is not possible when such an assessment test is carried out in an office. However, using the online coding test allows you to rate as many candidates as you want and select the best candidate easily and faster. The logic here is simple: the more candidates you rate, the better the chances of picking the best possible talent for your company. Universities with large numbers of students can also use such platforms to evaluate the performance of their students.

These were all the main reasons why you should use online coding tests for taking a pre-hire assessment or academic test. Sooner or later, there is a chance that almost every organization or academic institute will use such online tests to best evaluate the candidates and students and to ensure the sanctity of the exams or tests.

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