Why it is important to locate online learning in the midst of Covid-19
With the outbreak of Covid-19, the transition from offline to online courses has become a new normal. Despite the gradual reopening of schools from September 21st, online teaching-learning will continue to be part of the education system. WhatsApp, Zoom Call, and other social media platforms have become an effective way of establishing communication between teachers and students. However, the new learning system is not equally accessible to everyone. Some students have internet issues where device accessibility and its unavailability or lack of content in local languages ​​are other issues.

English is not yet the common language of the majority of internet users, so it is more important to make educational content available in native languages.

“Schools used to find themselves faced with a dilemma as to whether or not to have a full presence on digital education platforms. However, the ongoing pandemic has made it clear to them that online learning will remain standard for a long time,” said Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO of Next Education India Pvt Ltd.

The smooth running of sports schools, says Ralhan, will probably not happen for some time. Given the challenges of learning English online, content is being made available in regional languages ​​such as Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi to make things easier for students and teachers, “he adds.

“Content is provided in regional languages, including Hindi, to help students familiarize themselves with the new environment. Initially, we used 80% content in regional languages ​​and 20% in English to target students from metropolitan areas or those who speak English.” are not trusted to meet, “says Girish Singhania, Founder and CEO of EduBridge Learning Pvt Ltd. He adds that it aims to ensure better learning among candidates.

Singhania goes on to explain that they are gradually increasing the use of English and offering online programs to help students improve their language and communication skills. EduBridge offers job-oriented courses online.

Importance of localized e-learning

According to Singhania, it is important to localize e-learning to suit people of different segments and socio-economic classes. However, he emphasizes the importance of learning the English language in order to be more employable.

“It is important to improve the local language and flair while offering online education to attract and keep students, especially from smaller towns,” added Singhania.

The localization of content delivery also depends on the type of course, the goal, and the audience. It is believed that the use of the mother tongue can attract a larger number of students from smaller cities to various digital learning platforms.


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