When schools reopen, Assam may return to Gurukul-like classes
GUWAHATI: Once the center has ordered schools to reopen, the government of Assam plans to restore the old Gurukul system and move school children from grades V through VIII from classrooms to the open space, to a field, or to a courtyard. to reduce the likelihood of the corona virus spreading.

Class IX-XII students attend classes in their classrooms for a maximum of three hours, and each classroom can have only 15 students. For those in Standards 9 and 11 there are courses two days a week and for those in Standards 10 and 12 courses are taken four days a week.

“When the center orders schools to reopen, we plan a cautious move … we don’t want to lock the students in a closed room. We are considering exploring the old Gurukul system and keeping classrooms in it. The open can be in the field or be in the yard of a house, “said Assam Minister of Education, Himanta Biswa Sarma.

“We have prepared an SOP and will be able to reopen the schools as of September 1, if the central government allows it. Our SOP will be made publicly available. This is a purely voluntary exercise and is not binding for any school.” “Said Sarma.

“Our focus is on rural areas. Open spaces may not be readily available in urban centers, but there are other methods of learning in digital mode,” added Sarma.

Sarma said that the initial planning includes mandatory tests for Covid-19 for all teachers and non-teaching staff, and that the classes are divided into sections of 15 students and only those can attend classes at the same time, he said.

“Up to Class IV, there are no classes under this plan that apply only to classes from Class V. For IX-XII, classes are held in classrooms of the school and college. While students of the IX and XI standards, classes are held at two Days a week, while students in grades X and XII go to school four days a week, “said Sarma, adding that there are no more than three hours of tuition in one day and the teachers break the students into sections with a maximum of one Section should allocate 15 students.

On the other hand, for students completing three-year degree programs (TDC), only students from the last semester need to attend courses when they start in September.

“We do not issue guidelines for university classes as the universities are autonomous and will make a decision in consultation with the education department itself,” said Sarma. The schools will remain closed to class IV students until the end of September, he said.

“Efforts are being made to ensure maximum social distance between schools that initiate shift systems with a particular class at a particular time of day,” he said.

The minister further said that the Assam Secondary Education Board (Seba) and the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) were also asked to consider either reducing the curriculum or providing maximum options in the questionnaire so that students do not Have difficulty when part of the curriculum remains uncovered.


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