Watering down large institutions won't be good: Sisodia at NEP 2020
NEW DELHI: National Education Policy (NEP) stipulates that all colleges and universities are multidisciplinary, but watering down large institutions won’t be good for the country, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia said on Friday.

“It stipulates that all colleges and universities are multidisciplinary. Let IIT deal with engineering, IIM with management, AIIMS with medicine and FTII with action. Watering down such large institutes will not be good for the country’s talent,” Sisodia said when asked about the NEP.

He said there are institutions in the country that are already multidisciplinary and some serve a specific sector. This system “feels good” and should not be disturbed.

Sisodia also said that there are some progressive things in the new education policy, but how to implement them and what the roadmap for them will be is not stated in politics.

“It also calls for the creation of new institutions such as the national inspection body. The directive says that new regulators will be created that go beyond the regulations,” said Sisodia.

He continued, “In the new policy, we’re still sticking to board exams that are out of date in the world today. You should think about something new and look for a continuous assessment.”

“It must be ensured that every child receives the same education, since it is necessary to close the gap between a child’s education in the metropolis and that of a village,” said the minister.

“How to improve state schools does not place much emphasis on this aspect of this policy, but rather on promoting private educational institutions. This means that the government is escaping its responsibility,” he said.

Some steps are welcome, such as opening a path for foreign universities in the country. It is good for students who want to receive international standards training within the country. Another good thing is that basic training is given in the mother tongue, he added.


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