Walls taught mathematics to poor students in Maharashtra villages
CHANDRAPUR: In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis where poor students are unable to take online classes, the Zilla community here in Maharashtra has launched an innovative method to give them education by adding math to walls on streets and public places Painted concepts. If “missionary math” is successful, the initiative will expand to other topics, said Rahul Kardile, chief executive officer of the Chandrapur Zilla ward.

“We try to get children to continue their education at home as schools are closed and to create an academic atmosphere in rural areas. The idea behind ‘Mission Mathematics’ is to teach children in a playful way”, he said.

As part of the initiative, officials from the Education Department of Zilla Community painted math classes in grades 1 through 5 on walls in the main squares of the villages of Pomburna, Ballarpur, Nagbhid and Bramhapuri Teshils.

“Children find the method attractive and learn mathematics while playing with their friends. The aim of the mission is to get them to understand various mathematical concepts and to pique their interest in the subject while they focus on developing a general one Educational atmosphere in rural areas focus areas, “said Kardile.

He said Ashay Wakulkar, a graduate of a Zilla parish school in Ghosri village who is now an engineer, was the first to start “missionary math” in his hometown.

“He created an academic atmosphere in the village and students have started to benefit from the idea,” Kardile said, adding that he drove the initiative at the district level after being impressed by Wakulkar’s efforts.


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