Version from CT University MD Manbir Singh on NEP-2020

NEP-2020 will fundamentally change the future of the Indian education system: CTU MD Manbir Singh

JALANDHAR: The new National Education Policy 2020 announced by the Ministry of Education is a welcome step in the face of the outbreak of the pandemic in this sector. We have been eagerly awaiting this change, the announcement of which has taken almost three decades. First, this policy has the potential to have profound long-term impacts that affect the social and economic fabric of our society and will change the future of the education system in India significantly.

Secondly, it is also a positive step to allow global institutes to set up locations in India as this will intensify competition as this will open up our education system and help promote qualified talent in our country as the students no longer work have to move out to develop education. Third, the change in pedagogical structure from a 10 + 2 system to a 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 system complies with global educational standards, which is a positive sign for us.

For the future, Manbir Singh said that this policy is trying to prepare for the changing educational reality by expanding flexibility, grading autonomy and improving the level of knowledge application along with broader know-how, and is keenly observing how this policy works works will be implemented.


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