UPSC NDA & NA Exam 2020 Today; Review important instructions for the exam day
NEW DELHI: The Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC) conducts today, i. H. Take the exam for NDA & NA (1) & (2) 2020 on Sunday, September 6th, 2020.

The UPSC NDA & NA (1) & (2) 2020 exams are held for admission to the 145th and 146th courses in NDA and the 107th and 108th courses in NA.

Candidates should note that entry to the exam location is closed 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam, i.e. H. 9:50 am for the morning session and 1:50 pm for the afternoon session. No candidate may enter the examination location after completing their participation.

The UPSC conducts an NDA exam twice a year for entry into the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the National Defense Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA). The recruitment process for NDA & NA (1) & (2) 2020 consists of a written exam and an SSB interview.

Applicants should note that they are not allowed to appear in any location other than the location specified on the E-Admit card. If a candidate appears elsewhere for any reason, their candidacy can be canceled.

Candidates may use normal or simple wristwatches in the examination rooms / halls. However, the use of watches with a special accessory that can be used as a communication device or smartwatch is strictly prohibited and candidates are not allowed to take such watches into the exam rooms / halls.

Candidates are advised to carry their e-admission card (printout) along with the (original) photo ID, the number of which is given on the e-admission card, in order to secure admission to the examination hall. The E-Admit Card must be kept as a template until the final result is declared before the Service Selection Board is required.

Candidates who do not have clear photos on the e-admission card must bring photo ID and two passport photos for each session so that they can appear at the exam with a company.

Wearing a mask / face covering is mandatory for all candidates. Candidates without a mask / face covering will not be allowed into the venue. Candidates must, however, remove their masks for review if required by exam officials.


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