Unprecedented success in the career of SEZ University students, synonymous with first-class education Unprecedented success in the career of SEZ University students, synonymous with first-class education

🔥 Unprecedented success in the career of SEZ University students, synonymous with first-class education Unprecedented success in the career of SEZ University students, synonymous with first-class education


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  • Unprecedented success in the career of SEZ University students, synonymous with first-class education

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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world where there is no shortage of talent. Industry and trade are growing rapidly today, which is why economic reforms are taking place in many areas. On the one hand, where the country’s youth dreams of developing further, they also face problems because the demands on education and industry in science are very different. The right guidance and a step in the right direction can make many changes in the lives of young people. With this in mind, SEZ University has developed its own academic model that narrows the gap between industry requirements and academic education.

The university not only helps students meet the needs of today’s industry, but also encourages them to make necessary changes to improve their future. The SEZ University has created a research-based environment for local, national and global problems through higher education, which aims to make young people aware of their responsibility for a better future.

sage The University (Bhopal and Indore) – Excellent educational institution that fulfills the dreams of the students

The SEZ University Bhopal and Indore offer students from many courses the opportunity to choose courses according to their interests. B. Advanced Computing, Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Architecture, Commerce, Design, Journalism and Mass Communication, Law and Law, Management Studies. , Pharmaceutical science, life sciences, computer applications, engineering and technology etc. In these courses, students are not only taught academic knowledge, but they also receive the necessary internships for the industry.

How SEZ University guides everyone in education

The SEZ Group (SEZ University) offers every young person in India a high-quality education. For this purpose the Tissu Culture Lab, Madhya Pradesh’s first commercial facility, was founded. It is the first drug design laboratory in Central India and SEZ University is the first university in Madhya Pradesh with Apple technology. In a very short time it also received the awards from the Top Private University in Central India, the Most Innovative University and the Leading Private University.

Dynamic learning environment

Classrooms, laboratories and the latest equipment and educational infrastructures are essential for the learning environment. There are many signs of improvement in students with dynamic infrastructure and quality facilities. Sage University is one of the country’s leading universities based on infrastructure.

It is equipped with modern facilities, intelligent classrooms, technology laboratories, cafeterias, design and drawing studios. Apart from that, each institution has a private auditorium where its curriculum activities such as value-added courses, conferences, workshops, FDPs, etc. run smoothly.

There is also a huge playground on the campus of SEZ University Bhopal and Indore, where almost all sports facilities are available. Taking into account this saying “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body”, SEZ University is committed to a balanced relationship between study and sport. Sport activities are very important for the general development of the students.

From passion to work

In order to prepare the students for each industry, it is very important to make them aware of the requirements of the industry during their studies. For which the SEZ University has concluded agreements with many large industries. The main goal of the SEZ is to solve the problems of the industry and to help the students understand the requirements of today.

Until December 2019, more than 300 students were placed in many multinational companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, BiJus, CEAT, Tech Mahindra and Task US etc. The average student internship package in 2019 was 3.60 lakhs per year and a maximum of 12.50 lakhs per year. In December 2019, more than 70 companies came to SEZ University for placement.

Provision of a global platform

SEZ University, Indore, is part of the country’s leading multinational companies such as TCS, IBM, TUDIP, Systematrix, Smart Data, Appalto Electronics, Infoseptus, KD Services, ByeJus, Lido Learning and large companies such as Google, Apple, Tata Motors and HCL Offers a chance to become. So far, more than 100 companies at the national level have visited the university and have been impressed by the education system of the SEZ University. Many companies have even praised the education system in front of the media.

In addition, the university has signed agreements with more than 50 renowned educational and non-academic institutions that aim to provide students with competency-based education and employment opportunities. Many well-known celebrities are also associated with the university. These successful people in their field pass on our students and the students continue to learn the tricks of success from their experiences.

Social assistance program of the SEZ

During the blackout period, the university launched a SEZ social support program that offers all residents of Madhya Pradesh who pass the entrance exam for admission to the university a special discount of up to 25% and a scholarship based on earnings information. www.sageuniversity.edu.in Available at The SEZ social assistance offer is valid until June 30, 2020.

Legacy of the SEZ Group

In 2003 the SIRT (Sagar Institute of Research and Technology), the first educational institute of the SEZ Group, was founded. The founder of the SEZ Group, Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal, opened a new engineering school and gave the young people a new platform to prove themselves. Today more than 150 courses are taught in SIRT and more than 20,000 students study there. The SEZ group then laid the foundation stone for many other universities and schools such as SIRT-S (Sagar Institute for Research Technology and Science), SIRT-E (Sagar Institute for Research Technology – Excellence), SIRT Pharmacy and SIRTS Pharmacy, etc The SEZ Group also founded the SEZ International School in 2017.

Shri Sanjeev Aggarwal founded SEZ University in Indore in 2017 and SEZ University Bhopal in 2020 to reduce the skills gap and create skilled and skilled youth who contribute to the country’s economy. Can give Today the SEZ University is one of the leading private universities in the country.


UP Board 2020: Students can apply for an exam until July 22nd. More information can be found on the official website upmsp.edu.in. Download the stamp sheet from July 1st | Students who are dissatisfied with the result can apply for an exam by July 22nd. More information can be found on the official website upmsp.edu.in

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