Anupama of Patna who bagged AIR- 90 with her son

While many of us believe that marriages and children could end our professional dreams, Patna Anupma Singh has proven the opposite.

It secured 90th place in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), which was conducted by the 2019 civil service exam and the results of which were announced on Tuesday.

Anupma (32) married Ravindra Kumar, who is also a doctor in 2013.

She said, “I have been practicing in state hospitals for three years. In 2018 I decided to step down so that I can concentrate on my preparation. “

Remembering her trip, she said, “My son Anay was three years old when I decided to move to Delhi to prepare. Separating from my son was the hardest job I had to do. “

She said: “Learning after marriage and children is more difficult than the pre-marriage phase. There is a responsibility on the shoulder and an emotional bond with the child. Unfortunately, my mother and father-in-law were no longer there, so my husband took care of my son in my absence. My sister-in-law moved specifically to Ranchi to look after my son. “

After moving to Delhi in 2018, she enrolled in a private coaching institute.

“Since I lived alone in Karol Bagh, I dedicated my entire time to learning. After class, I read books, newspapers, magazines, and prepared notes. I interacted with my son on a video call. I missed a phase of his childhood and his first activities. But instead of thinking about leaving preparation halfway, I always thought I should focus on reaching the goal of returning home soon. Perhaps this was the reason why I passed the exam in the first attempt. “

Anupma, a Patank-based Kankarbhagh, completed her early training with Patna herself. She graduated from Grade 10 at Mount Carmel High School in 2002.

She completed an MBBS in gynecology at Patna Medical and College Hospital in 2011 and a Master of Surgery (MS) at Banaras Hindu University in 2014.

Regarding her tendency towards public service, she said: “After practicing for two years, I realized that the health system needs to be transformed. As a doctor, I treated patients, but it was not in my hands to improve the poor medical system. I wanted to improve and strengthen the state medical facilities for the public, and this thought prompted me to enter the public service. “

She said she was on cloud nine after reviewing the results. “My husband and family members played a big role in my success. I returned home in September 2019 and Anay is 5 years old now. My victim paid off today. I can proudly share my UPSC cracking story with my son when he grows up. “


The application process for the UP Board Compartment Exam 2020 starts on Wednesday

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