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Almost two weeks after the Supreme Court made it clear that students could only be promoted on the basis of an exam last year, the University of Mumbai published an official circular detailing exam dates and format.

Addressed to all affiliated universities, the university has made it clear that all exams are conducted online in multiple choice question format (MCQ) and will only be admitted to offline exams in special cases where students could not appear online for exams .

In a circular posted on Wednesday morning, MU stated that the practical and theory exams for repeater candidates will begin September 15-25, while new candidates will appear for exams from October 1-17. The colleges have been asked to share a sample paper and question bank with students and conduct a mock test online in the new format for all of their students before the final exams begin.

“As mentioned, online exams are in MCQ format and students have one hour to appear for 50 points in each subject. These 50 points are then converted into the 75/80/100 points required by each subject. Only students with disabilities are given an additional 20 minutes to do the same work, and they also have the option to choose a writer for the exam, “a University of Mumbai spokesman said.

He added that universities were also asked to ensure an early assessment of all papers to avoid further delays in announcing the results. “Exams in MCQ format cannot be re-graded, so the results shouldn’t take long,” he added.

For starters, all MU affiliated colleges need to conduct an online survey of their own students to find out where they are currently (due to the lockdown) and what devices (cellphone, laptop / desktop) and internet facilities are available for each student, to find out how many can comfortably appear for online exams.

“The colleges were also asked to set up a hotline to advise students and, if necessary, to listen to complaints,” added the spokesman.

While the MU has clarified its position on exams and left colleges to move the process forward, many institute directors are not pleased with the ease with which all exam duties have been transferred to individual colleges.

“In less than a week, we have to start the repeater candidate practical exams and the final exams for new candidates by October 1st. In between, each teacher is required to submit 250 questions in MCQ format for each subject, create graduation and mock test question papers, conduct an online student survey, and ensure a helpline number is available for student inquiries. The amount of work that is expected of teachers is unacceptable, even at a time when they are already busy with online courses for the current batch, “said the headmaster of a suburban college on condition of anonymity.

The universities have the opportunity to set up their own schedule, provided they adhere to the dates prescribed by the university. As soon as all subject grades from individual universities have been submitted to the university, the final results will be announced, according to the MU circular.


* Practical repeat examination from September 15 and written work from September 25, 2020

* Theory exams for new candidates will take place between October 1st and 17th (only for third-year students and second-year students)

* The exams are held online in multiple choice question (MCQ) format, with 50 points in each subject. The deadline for each online newspaper is one hour.

* Handicap students are given 20 minutes more, with a writer and other facilities as needed

* Exams are only held online. In the event of problems faced by students, the last option for those cases that could not appear for examination in online mode may appear in offline mode for examination

* Colleges are required to take mock exams to help students get started with the new exam format

* Colleges should also provide students with a sample question paper

* 50-point paper should be converted to exam format according to the course (100-point theory or 75-point theory paper).

* If a student is unable to appear for an exam due to adverse circumstances, the college should ensure that such a student is given the opportunity to appear for the exam at a later date

* Students will not have the option to re-assess in the MCQ format of the exam

* Colleges need to set up a student helpline to advise and reduce student stress

* Colleges will also need to conduct an online survey to find out where all of their students are currently and what devices (cellphone, laptop / desktop) and internet facilities are available to them to find out how many exams can be conveniently available online


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