The University of Mumbai's senior year exam guidelines have been published. The exam will take place from October 1st to 17th in MCQ format
MUMBAI: Two weeks after deliberating on the Supreme Court order, the University of Mumbai finally issued comprehensive guidelines on Wednesday for conducting final exams in over 750 affiliated colleges. Because the exams are decentralized, most of the responsibilities lie with the individual colleges and lead colleges under the clusters.

While the exams are conducted online in an MCQ format, colleges have been asked to collect data from students about smart device availability and internet connection, as well as their current locations. Students must also state on the form if they have any backlogs. The exam schedule is published by the lead colleges for their respective clusters, but the exams were conducted between October 1st and 17th. The colleges must report the results within two days.

If students do not have the opportunity to show up for online exams from home, the university has asked colleges to contact local administrative officials. In cases where online exams are not possible at all, colleges can conduct offline exams for these students.

Lead colleges were asked to coordinate with others in the cluster. The university has also made it clear that students will not be given an opportunity to request reassessment on the exam as the questions are in MCQ (multiple choice) format, which has been declined by the student community.

Colleges were asked to conduct mock exams for students with sample MCQ questions to familiarize them with the new format. Each college, under the guidance of lead colleges, must set up a question bank with several MCQ sets for different subjects and share these with the students. Only curricula covered by March 13th should be included in the questionnaires for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The question paper has 50 points and the duration of the paper is one hour. However, the student’s scores must be converted as a percentage from the regular weight of the question paper (for a paper with 60, 75, 80 or 100 points).

As previously reported, a hands-on project of viva-voce exams for science and engineering students can be done through online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or even by phone call. Colleges have been asked to ensure that the technology conducts exams at their level. The university will not have a central system.

Siddharth Ingle of the Maharashtra Association of Students said all responsibility now rests with the colleges. “There is absolutely no clarity on how audits are conducted using email, WhatsApp, or any other software. What was the reason for delaying these guidelines if it didn’t simplify the process? Also why do they insist on MCQs? The UGC has others Offered options, such as homework. Why didn’t the university offer multiple options? ”He asked. The association had applied to the Supreme Court to hold final exams.


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