The teachers relax with the help of virtual reality
When six year olds stare back, it’s hard to keep a class busy. It can seem impossible on a screen. But the last five months have been just that – teachers catching up with technology so their students can catch up on class. Both have come a long way.

“Our children are very young. They didn’t know how to come or click on the screen. We had to have parents who help. Sometimes they ate or drank. Or they walked away,” said Mridula Pattanath (50)) Elementary school teacher at DPS sector 45 in Gurgaon. In order to draw her, she had to adapt quickly – with augmented reality, virtual reality (VR) and lots of videos. They have adapted so well that they fear the children may not want to go back to regular school at all.

A little outside of Gurgaon, but a world away, 48-year-old Manoj Lakra also uses VR. “It’s a box and two lenses, costs Rs 10,” he said.


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