The students' precious academic year is not wasted: Nishank
NEW DELHI: Amid the excitement about the holding of JEE and NEET exams next month, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ said his ministry is fully prepared to conduct these two exams safely and is committed to safety of the students.

The government does not want a zero-zero academic session as the students suffer a huge loss, he said. “We are committed to a bright future for our students.”

The main JEE and NEET exams were scheduled to run from April to May, but have been postponed to July due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and it was finally announced that the exams will be held in September.

Nishank informed IANS that many parents, students, and teachers across the country have written to him requesting that the exams be conducted as the aspirants prepared last year.

He appealed to students to take the exams carefully and not to worry about the safety of the exam centers.

The minister, expressing concern about attempts to politicize the issue, said: “I urge all my opposition colleagues to obey the orders of the Supreme Court. Instead of politicizing the matter, they should build a brilliant one Future for students to work together. “”

While the opposition raises concerns about student safety and urges the center to postpone exams, Nishank said that as the country’s education minister, he would never compromise on the future of students.

He said the politics of opposition education were “totally immoral” and the students were also aware of this. “Students are already under stress and if we don’t take the exams on time, the stress will only increase,” he added.

Excerpts from the interview:

“The academic session is not wasted”

The Education Minister said students work hard for these entrance exams all year round and it will be an injustice for them to be denied the opportunity to appear for them. These exams determine the future of students and further delaying the exams will result in a zero session that will affect their careers. The Supreme Court also emphasized this in its decision.

Nishank said students are excited about the exams as around 19 lakh tickets have been downloaded to date and the number is increasing.

“Academics support the holding of exams”

Nishank said more than 150 academics from India and abroad including from Delhi University, IGNOU, Lucknow University, JNU, BHU, IIT-Delhi, London University, University of California, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Ben Gurion University of Israel has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that any further delay in JEE and NEET will ruin the future of students.

“They said that the dreams and future of youth should not be compromised,” he said.

Even the Supreme Court and the National Testing Agency (NTA) have said there is no point in wasting a precious student year, Nishank said, adding that the NTA said if this year is labeled a zero academic year How will it then? You accept this year’s candidates as well as next year’s candidates next year.

“All safety measures must be followed both inside and outside the centers.”

Nishank said that he himself will ensure that all safety precautions are followed during exams and that social distancing is strictly observed not only inside the exam centers but also outside them.

To maintain social distance, the number of students in a room was halved from 24 to 12, while exam centers for JEE were increased from 570 to 660 and for NEET from 2,846 to 3,843, he said.

Aside from that, shifts for JEE exams have also been increased, and nearly 99 percent of students have been assigned to the centers based on their first preference, the Education Minister added.


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