The School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Bennett University ranks 2nd in the Times Engineering Survey

Gone are the days when an engineering degree was completed in just three colors: electrical engineering, mechanics and construction. Today, studying engineering opens up countless career opportunities from coding to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity to blockchain, cloud computing to data science and networking to robotics. It is therefore not surprising that engineering is the most popular career choice for aspiring students in India today. However, it is very important that students choose the right institute. To help students make an informed decision, Optimal Media Solutions (in collaboration with Market Xcel Data Matrix) conducts an engineering institute survey each year to identify the best engineering institutes in India.
This research had 3 main modules, i.e. H. Desk Research, Factual Survey & Perceptual Rating Survey. After the data collection, a methodical analysis is carried out after the results of the three modules have been combined in order to evaluate the various engineering institutes and classify them accordingly. The reputation of the university, the quality of the academic input, the infrastructure, the perception, the placement options and the support for the students are some of the criteria that are taken into account when classifying institutes.

This year, the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Bennett University took 2nd place in the survey of the top emerging engineering institutes. Bennett University has all the elements to make it a goal for aspiring education for undergraduates with a degree in engineering.


Here are some of the key reasons why Bennett University has reached new heights in such a short space of time:

1) Updated curriculum: In the BU they believe that today’s engineers have to be citizens of the world. Therefore, the need to change conventional engineering programs to include a curriculum that addresses today’s challenges and is relevant to the needs of the industry was recognized early on at the BU. Every year, care is taken to present the latest international trends and to update the curriculum in collaboration with experts from leading companies. The courses offered at the BU aim to equip students with the skills and abilities to analyze, design and develop computer systems and their applications. The curriculum focuses on theory, practice and projects.

2) Access to the 32 laboratories of the BU: Bennett University has state-of-the-art laboratories where its students receive practical training. Some of them are the Apple iMac Lab, the Bennett NVIDIA Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence, the NVIDIA Super Computer Lab for Deep Learning, the Dell EMC-Bennett Data Analytics Lab, the Information Management System Lab and the Programming Lab, to name a few call. These 32 labs, built in collaboration with leading companies, ensure that students are familiar with the latest technology at all times.

3) Star Faculty: The BU’s faculty comes from IITs and other major educational institutions around the world. Members of the BU faculty have the reputation of being accessible to students at all. They are all committed to developing global, multicultural and multi-faceted engineers who can work across business areas and geographical boundaries.

4) Living infrastructure with the latest technology: In addition to the extensive curriculum, which is taught by an experienced faculty team, Bennett University has the latest technology and infrastructure. The beautiful, ultra-modern campus of this university is located in the Greater Noida area and is part of the National Capital Region. It has all the modern amenities, including air-conditioned hostels, ATMs, food courts, trade fairs, shopping centers, pharmacies, gyms and two on-site libraries that help provide all students with a unique learning and life experience.

5) Scholarships for meritorious students: Scholarships of up to 100% of tuition fees for deserving students. 63% of B.Tech students have registered as scholarship holders in 2019-20.

6) Looking for 6 specializations in CSE: B.Tech from Bennett University. – The program for computer science engineering offers specializations in the fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data science, games and virtual reality as well as blockchain and robotics and automation.

7) Academic collaboration with leading global universities: BU has partnered with some of the world’s leading universities such as GeorgiaTech (USA), Florida International University and the University of Nebraska in Omaha to implement initiatives such as curriculum design, internships, collaborative research, guest researchers, etc.

8) Holistic approach to teaching: At BU, students are not expected to fit into the traditional structured curriculum, but they are free to choose subjects for which they are passionate. BTech / BTech Hons not only offer a wide range of related technical electives, but students can also choose minors from unrelated areas such as art, media, law and corporate management.

9) Focus on developing soft skills: BU focuses on a 360 degree career development plan to ensure that every graduate of Bennett University has a strong sense of professionalism, leadership and soft skills. They often organize Bennett CXO series, group discussions, workshops for public speaking and personal interviews, workshops for resumes and cover letters, networking events, workshops for social media, and mentoring sessions for companies and professionals for the benefit of the students.

10) Statistics of Stellar Placements: Internships are one of the most important criteria when choosing the most suitable college for you. Last year, some Bennett University students completed summer internships of up to 45,000 a month. It also boasts career starts with an average of Rs. 6.9 lac / year and last year’s best students were picked up by none other than Microsoft with a Rs CTC. 44 lakh / year. Other important recruiters were TCS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Capgemini, Cvent, NIIT Technologies, Cognizant, Wipro, Hitachi Consulting,, Uno Minda etc. To achieve this, Bennett University invests in students through the Bennett Finishing School.

Do we have to say more? Register for a BTech degree from Bennett University today to secure a fabulous future.

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