The school becomes “mobile” in Bengal Village after online classes have failed - education

At a time when online teaching has become the new normal throughout the country, primary school teachers in a remote part of the Murshidabad district of West Bengal visit neighborhoods to teach.

After the Covid-19 pandemic forced the government to drop out of schools and colleges four months ago, Andiran Primary School (APS) in the Beldanga region of the district followed other facilities and started online classes, but soon found that parents were only 15 of the schools, 162 students have smartphones.

To ensure that the children are not affected, the teachers had an idea. They started holding courses in open courtyards in different parts of the area for small groups of students.

APS Headmaster Biswajit Dutta said: “The parents of most of our students are very poor. You can’t afford smartphones or

mobile internet connection. We have a mobile school instead. Classes take place twice or three times a week in Purbapara, Daspara, Sasthitala and other areas. ”

Teachers hold classes in eight locations. Classes take place between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

“We take all measures to maintain physical distance during the class. No more than 25 students are allowed at the same time and the use of disinfectants is a must, ”said Dutta.

Local residents such as Anima Pramanik, Harihar Mondal and Nitai Das support the project. While some people have allowed the use of large courtyards, others have provided chairs and tables.

Teachers from some other schools have also joined the project to advance the new model.

Mrinmoy Pramanik, Mathpara Elementary School Teacher, Sumanta Chakraborty, Kajishah Sudarsanchakra Elementary School Teacher, and several other teachers also hold classes.

Prakash Mondal, a parent, said: “We thought our children would not be educated this year. We are grateful to the GSP teachers and the others. ”

Rudra Mondal, a grade 3 student, said: “The teachers always remind us of the safety factors. This is also part of the lesson. ”


A new chapter on online education has been added. This chapter was not included in the draft that was published last year.

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