The Odisha government urges UGC to extend the deadline for UG, PG exams to October 10th
BHUBANESWAR: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Odisha government wrote a letter to the University Grants Commission (UGC) on Wednesday urging that the deadline for completing all exams for the final semester / year be by Jan. To extend October.

The state government has requested this extension in order to ensure the scheduling of exams with a gap of at least one day. This means that the examination centers can be properly renovated as a precaution, the state university department said in a letter.

Previously, the UGC had stipulated that the final exams for Bachelor and Postgraduates (UG) and Postgraduates (PG) must be compulsory by September 30th.

“To prevent the prevailing COVID-19 situation from worsening further, the UG and PG exams of the last semester / year should be staggered so that a large number of students do not have to come to the examination centers on a certain day and universities and colleges are given a gap of at least one day between exam days so that the entire exam center can be cleaned up and the entire COVID-19 protocol set up before the next exam day, “the letter said.

Therefore, the state government, exercising its powers under the State Disaster Management Act, has decided to grant UGC a 10-day extension to the 30 September deadline, i.e. H. By October 10, to request.


Odisha is asking all state universities and colleges to hold final exams for UG and PG classes by October 10th

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