The Nalsar Aerospace and Defense Center announces new courses

The aerospace and defense law center (CADL), in existence since 2005, NALSAR has announced new courses with potential for employment opportunities.

The CADL works under Prof. (Dr.) V. Balakista Reddy, head of the Center for Aerospace and Defense Law and registrar of the NALSAR University of Law.

The CADL has introduced technology-driven legal courses with a mix of management specifically in the areas of aviation, space, telecommunications and defense law. The courses are designed to help you understand the legal subtleties, particularly in the areas of aerospace, defense and telecommunications. These courses are recognized by the United Nations and the UN Space Operations Wing UNOOSA. These courses are supported by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Space and the Ministry of Defense.

The CADL offers two-year master’s programs, including aviation law and air traffic management, space and telecommunications law, defense and security law, and one-year PG degrees in aviation law and air traffic management, GIS and remote sensing law as well as advanced maritime law.

The goal of introducing these unique value-added courses is to meet the demands of unprecedented aviation growth combined with the commercialization and privatization of the aerospace, defense and shipping industries. This requires thousands of skilled workers to meet not only the management requirements, but also the legal requirements that result from the high quality transactions.


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