HRD Ministry cancels  NIOS 10th-12th examinations to be held from July 17, now the result will be decided on the basis of the committee

🔥 The Ministry of Personnel Development cancels NIOS exams from July 10th to July 12th from July 17th. The outcome will now be determined on the basis of the committee’s new assessment scheme. Exams from July 17th to July 10th will be canceled. The result is now determined on the basis of the evaluation scheme made by the committee


  • The number of remaining subjects is given based on the grades of the best performing subjects.
  • The exams were scheduled to begin on March 24, but were postponed due to Corona

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July 11, 2020, 10:50 am

The National Institute of Open Schools (NIOS) canceled the board exams in July. In this context, the Department of Human Resources announced that “considering the health of students and teachers, the NIOS public exams held in July 2020 have now been canceled. The assessments made by the Exam Results Committee after the exam is canceled will now be canceled. Based on the system displayed.

An alternative exam will be available

Students who are dissatisfied with the results published after the assessment have the opportunity to appear at the next public or on-demand exam. However, the date for these exams has not yet been determined. In this context, NIOS said in an official statement that these tests will take place when the situation is favorable. This decision was made due to the increasing number of corona viruses in the country.

The top 3 receive numbers based on the topics

At the same time, for the subjects for which the examination was not carried out, the students receive the number of remaining subjects based on the grades found in their subjects with the best performance. The Board also made it clear that, given the current situation, this program will only be implemented this year. After that, NIOS will be able to announce the test results soon. At the same time, the numbers are given based on the average of the theory of the previous three exams for evaluating the students who participated in one or two exams of the previous exam.

The test should take place from 17 lit.

At the same time, there are students who should join for the first time and their tutor mark assignment (TMA) or internship grades. The students are then assessed on the basis of TMA or internship grades. The NIOS 10th through 12th board exams were scheduled to begin on March 24, but were postponed due to a coronavirus epidemic and postponed to July 17. After that, these tests were canceled. Previously, CBSE and CISCE had also canceled their upcoming exams.


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