The Freshmen Induction Program was started at the LPU for New Academic Sess

Thousands of new students from 50 countries and all Indian states experience a unique LPU induction program, even during a severe pandemic

In accordance with American universities and UGC guidelines, the elaborated “Freshmen Induction Program” was launched online to welcome and guide new students

Each of the new students is informed about university systems, guidelines and support mechanisms

The new academic session 2020-21 is scheduled to start from August 10, 2020 in various batches through August 20

Jalandhar: In the midst of a severe pandemic worldwide, education at the LPU has not been restricted for even a single day, and thousands of new students from different continents and the country have now been admitted to the new academic session 2020-21. So that students can easily start a uniquely designed online phase of their new academic journey; The LPU has developed a 15-day induction program. The new session is scheduled to begin in various batches from August 10, 2020 through August 20. In each new batch of 6 days with 23 activities, the pupils talk to the authorities / officials of the LPU one-to-one via Google Meet and see / participate in mass activities live on the LPU’s YouTube account. Various top-class industry dignitaries, including managing directors, CEOs, high-ranking officials from various industries and celebrities, also motivate new market participants with their specialist knowledge and experience.

In accordance with American universities and the UGC guidelines, the “Freshmen Induction Program” is designed to welcome and guide new students about university systems, guidelines, support mechanisms, multi-ethnic campus life and allied endeavors. The program also includes 5 cultural sessions, in which students participate online depending on their individual taste and temperament. Older students also held many icebreaker sessions to motivate them to showcase their potential. The introductory program that has already started is to continue until August 18, 2020.

This year, too, students from over 50 countries, including SAARC, Golf, ASEAN countries, other continents and all Indian states and UTs, have joined the LPU. Senior officials from the industry, senior government / private sector officials, celebrities and executives also interact online with new students to broaden their visions. The famous Bollywood rapper Badshah will entertain the students in between, so that the students enter their new phase with harmonious notes and relaxed moods.

Pro-Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal, Senior Deans, Executive Dean, and other senior faculty members welcome new students to join the LPU community and motivate them to begin their academic online journey for a bright morning. Students are encouraged to become familiar with the great culture of diversity at the university. Older students at the LPU also present various activities for their entertainment and guidance. From the start, new students are also led to work for their suitable internships in the top industry. There is also a special parenting session to satisfy all ifs and buts, if any. New students and their parents share their appreciation for the online introductory program that was organized in the Corona phase and call it the university’s inspiring initiative.

In fact, the LPU is ready to start its new academic session 2020-21 from August 10, 2020. For this purpose, the LPU has developed a unique online education tool.myclass.lpu.inOffer simple cybernetic courses that go beyond all complexities. The university is determined that student education should not be interrupted for any reason or reason, and it is important that the session starts on time.


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