The Delhi government warns private schools not to charge fees on top of tuition until schools reopen
NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has warned private schools not to impose fees other than tuition and asked them not to increase the fees until schools reopen, officials said Monday. The government has warned that debtor schools will be punished under the Delhi School Education Act and Rules of 1973.

In a letter to the headmasters, the director of the education department, Udit Prakash Raj, said that such a school act is not only a clear violation of the instructions previously given, but also an inhumane act on his part, complicating the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic conditions and the long one Closure taken into account by schools.

“These schools are run by trusts and charities, so according to their Memorandum of Article, they should always consider charity and providing education to students without indulging in profiting,” he said.

He said some statements had also been received from some private schools and their associations claiming that since the lock-up period expired, they have been able to collect the fees under all heads such as tuition, annual fees, development fees and some earmarked dues as well.

“This is incorrect as the unlock phase is still gradual, so the full lock has not yet been completed and schools have yet to be opened for physical classroom learning,” he added.

Universities and schools across the country have been closed since March 16, when the central government announced a nationwide classroom shutdown as one of the measures taken to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

A nationwide lockdown was announced on March 24 and went into effect the next day. While the government has eased several restrictions, schools and colleges remain closed.

According to the guidelines of the Directorate for Education (DoE), annual and development costs can be charged proportionally and only monthly after the blocking period has expired.

“During the period in which the schools are closed, no specific charges such as transport costs are charged from the parents. In no case do the schools charge or charge quarterly tuition fees, the fees are only charged monthly. The schools cannot be increased.” any charge in the 2020-21 academic session pending further instructions, “the DoE command had previously said.


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