Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Bihar’s chief minister, Nitish Kumar, inaugurated a number of new secondary schools and several modernized ones in 3,304 panchayats across the state on Monday.

Of the 8,386 panchayats in the state, 5,082 have upper secondary schools, and the remaining 3,304 are now covered, he said.

“Class IX studies will begin in these schools in the current 2020-21 school year,” said a statement.

The Bihar government had previously announced that higher secondary schools would open in all of the state’s panchayats by April this year.

He said the spread of education among girls would lead to a decline in the birth rate.

Citing a study, the Chief Mister said the state fertility rate among women who studied through Grade XII was at or lower than the national average.

Kumar said his government had recruited around 3.5 lakh teachers and decided to offer them multiple benefits.

With a view to the upcoming general election in the state, the Bihar government announced a series of benefits for 3.5 lakh contract teachers appointed by Panchayati Raj institutions and municipal local bodies.

“We have decided to implement a 15 percent pay increase for these teachers from April 1, 2021,” added Kumar.


Bihar CM Nitish Kumar opens higher secondary schools in 3,304 panchayats

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