Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court on Thursday informed the respondent about an appeal by the Andhra Pradesh government, whose order to require English media from grades I to VI in state schools was put down by the Supreme Court.

A bank of the Apex Court under the direction of Justiz Dr. DY Chandrachud gave a note to the interviewee and a person named Srinivas Guntapalli asking for his response on the matter.

“We will review the Andhra Pradesh government order to make English secondary education compulsory in state schools from grades I to VI,” the bank said.

The Andhra Pradesh Supreme Court had overturned the government’s order to introduce English as the teaching medium for state schools in the state in a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) brought by an Eluru-based petitioner Dr. Srinivas Guntupalli, was submitted.

The Andhra Pradesh government appealed to the Apex Court after the High Court dismissed its order.

The government of Andhra Pradesh had required students in the state’s state schools to study in English from grades I to VI from the current 2020-21 school year.

During the notification to the respondent, the Supreme Court ruled the matter for another hearing after three weeks, probably on September 25th.


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