Telugu v / s English in Andhra schools: SC refuses to keep HC okay
NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court denied provisional residence on Thursday based on a ruling by the Andhra Pradesh Supreme Court overturning its ruling that state school students must study English from grades 1 to 6 during the current school year.

The Apex court will hear arguments on this matter at the next hearing three weeks later.

A bank made up of Justices D.Y. Chandrachud, K.M. Joseph and Indu Malhotra stated that, pursuant to Section 29 (2) (f) of the Act, the medium “as applicable” should be in the mother tongue if that is not possible, and it appears that the High Court has considered this .

Senior Advocate K.V. Viswanathan, who stood on behalf of the state government, argued that the government’s decision was a progressive measure and sought to keep the order of the High Court.

He filed in front of the bank that there was nothing in the right to education law that states that the medium must be in the mother tongue. Viswanathan said the government had conducted a survey and the majority of parents would like an English medium.

Senior attorney Gopal Sankaranarayan, who is under reservation, denied admission to the High Court, stating that the state should promote his mother tongue. Sankaranarayan argued that the choice would be removed from parents and children as telugu-speaking schools are being replaced by English media.

Viswanathan reiterated that the Supreme Court should uphold the order of the High Court. The bank allowed Sankaranarayan to file a response and declined to uphold the High Court order.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court had the Y.S. The Jagan Mohan Reddy government’s decision to make the English medium compulsory called the order “unconstitutional and contrary to several laws, including the Law on the Right to Education.”

The government issued the orders on November 20, 2019.


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