Teachers write to Wildlife Board about the likely damage caused by Mollem Infra projects
PANAJI: At least 100 teachers from all over Goa said in a letter to the National Board for Wildlife (NBW) that there was no detailed plan to remedy the social and environmental damage caused by the three infrastructure projects by the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park will likely cause.

They said much of the damage is irreversible and has devastating long-term effects on the environment.

Students, lawyers, doctors and architects had previously written to the Union’s Ministry of the Environment, Forests and Climate Change, warning that due process had not been followed in the adoption of these projects.

“As teachers from Goa, we ask how we are to educate young people about their civic duty to protect the environment and the rich natural heritage of Goa while it is being stolen from them in illegal and unscientific ways. Are we expected to teach them about deforestation, global warming and climate change without even thinking about it and thinking about how we can do better and how we can help change these patterns? “Said the teachers.

They also said they were in solidarity with more than 700 high school and university students from all over Goa who had previously written to the NBW and hundreds more who protested on social media against the three infrastructure projects.

The letter highlighted, among other things, the importance of green spaces to a child’s well-being, the threats of deforestation to the future of young people, and the dangers of educating children in science and civic education if their leaders ignore the issues that make such decisions.

“As the world struggles to combat the dire effects of accelerated global warming and adequately manage the consequences of extreme climate change and biodiversity loss, it is not only utterly stupid but also deadly to have a hasty, unscientific expansion project like this one perform. Said the teachers.


Schools in Delhi will be closed until September 30th. Older students can visit institutes from September 21st for advice

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