Teachers will play an important role in providing the benefits of NEP to students: PM modes
NEW DELHI: Our teachers will play an important role in delivering the benefits of National Education Policy (NEP) to students, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during his monthly “Mann ki Baat” program on Sunday.

“I am confident that the nation will undergo great changes, as will national education policies. Our teachers will also play an important role in bringing benefit to students,” said the Prime Minister.

Today one or the other innovation is taking place across the country. Teachers and students do something new together, said the Prime Minister.

“After a few days, we will celebrate Teachers Day on September 5th. When we look at the success story and the journey of our lives … we always remember some teachers in rapidly changing times and in a difficult coronavirus period glad our teachers did so not only took up the challenge but turned it into an opportunity, ”he said.

“How to bring the maximum use of technology into education, how to apply new methods, how to help students. Our teachers have naturally adopted them and also taught their students the same,” he added.

The Union’s Cabinet recently approved the 2020 National Education Policy, which envisages major reforms in higher education, including a target of 50 percent gross enrollment by 2035 and the provision of multiple entries and exits.

Major reforms in school education brought about by NEP 2020 include the universalization of early childhood care education (ECCE), the national mission to focus on basic literacy and basic numeracy skills, no rigid separation between art and science flows and repeal the separation between work, science and curriculum and outside of school.


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