Teachers controlled online bullying through technical upgrades
While the “new normal” in the classroom has facilitated the continuity of education during the crisis, the virtual mode has also had serious implications for teachers. Several reports have been made in the past few months of students harassing teachers while teaching online.

“During the first few days of our virtual class, we faced various challenges including the unruly behavior of the students. The complications of migrating to online mode, the network and connectivity problem were escalated by the students’ tricks,” says Chhaya Bhargava, Director, Laksh Academy, Bangalore.

Initially, when teachers weren’t as tech-savvy, students used various methods to disrupt classroom decorum. “Many students would disappear or mute teachers. One of our students also logged in with the false name Osama bin Laden. I couldn’t figure out the trick at the beginning and was supported by my son,” she says.

Bhargave goes on to say that the nature of learning is increasing now that teachers have now understood the technique to target these students.

Akanksha Pandey, Counselor, Psychology, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, has also received various complaints from teachers about the inappropriate behavior of students and parents.

“We ran webinars with different schools to get in touch with teachers. Many teachers had complained about students logging in with false names, muting the teacher between classes, and asking silly questions. While this behavior makes it difficult to The problem is compounded by parental intervention, “she says

Pandey says that during class, the parents invade the privacy of the students, discuss the housework in a loud voice, and keep looking at the laptop. All of these activities disrupt the order of the class.

“Parents also judge teachers, continue to correct them in group chats and point out their mistakes in front of the students. All of this creates enormous pressure on the teachers and demotivates them. More responsibility rests with the parents. They cannot judge the teachers.” This leaves a bad impression on the teachers in front of the students, “she says.

Citing action to correct this behavior, she added: “The proper functioning of the online class requires a concerted effort by parents and school authorities. Parents need to be well connected with teachers. They are expected to help them Children teach good behavior. The school authorities should also ensure that such cyberbullying does not take place. ”

Ashlesha Chitnavis, assistant principal at Billabong High School in Mumbai, said her school had already taken action before online classes began. The students were taught the code of conduct to be followed when attending these courses.

“We have had an open discussion with the students teaching them the values, morals and behavior that should be followed during such online courses. We also run two parallel Individual Respect Panels (RI) and a center for that Our Student Wellbeing. These two bodies have dedicated students in different classes and departments to make sure they don’t get involved in bullying and other inappropriate activities, “she says.


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