Teachers at J & Ks Poonch conduct community classes amid a Covid-19 pandemic
POONCH: With schools across the country closed due to Covid-19, teachers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch have been holding community classes to reduce student academic loss and ensure they don’t suffer prolonged lockdown.

“We have been doing this for the past three months to take advantage of the time we have and to ensure that students do not waste valuable time. The director of school education in Jammu had said these teachers were ready to take lessons give education in the community while following the Covid-19 protocol, “Suhail, a teacher who has taught children in his area, told ANI.

According to Jalil Khwaja, another teacher who takes community lessons in Poonch, the students have received the initiative very positively.

“We got a very overwhelming response from the students. We decided to start this class because we didn’t want the student to lose valuable months of education. Since we were free too, this was a great way to keep ourselves busy . “Said Khwaja.

Before entering the classes, the teacher disinfected the students’ hands and took all the precautions of Covid. The community courses have been taking place for 3-4 months and are helping students lose ground due to Covid-19.

“We have been coming here since the lockdown. When we come here, they disinfect our hands and also provide masks. We are not allowed to enter without masks. Our curriculum is also progressing,” he added.

He added, “These courses are being held not just in Poonch but in several other locations around the state for the past three to four months. I’m very glad that despite the lockdown, people are playing their role as educators and fulfilling their responsibilities. “”


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