TalentSprint in cooperation with leading institutions for online learning solutions

IIM-Calcutta recently partnered with TalentSprint, which provides learning solutions through digital platforms, to offer an executive program for global business and digital money. The Indian science institute (Bengaluru) has reached an agreement with the Hyderabad-based company for the use of its digital platform iPearl.ai.

TalentSprint also works with the IIT and IIIT in Hyderabad.

The education sector was hardest hit by the pandemic and the sites had to be closed indefinitely. As a result, the amount and use of online learning has increased significantly.

iPearl.ai, which was originally developed for proprietary use, has proven useful for top educational institutions to connect with their students, said Santanu Paul, founder and chief executive officer of TalentSprint.

“The most pressing problem that has now arisen is that every top institution in the country is trying to figure out how to reopen. The institutions have no clarity on how to proceed, ”he said. “Some say purely online, others say hybrids, or others say you can go to college on alternate days. Everyone is looking at a digital platform. “

Alternative ways

“The platform that we built for ourselves suddenly found a market. The institutes are looking for alternative ways to generate more income. With government funding declining, it is imperative that they take alternative routes, ”Paul said.

“Institutions that offer online courses can bring in brand and expertise, but they cannot bring in the platform, digital marketing, sales and program management,” he stated. “We can take care of the execution of the program and also provide a robust platform.”

Paul said the component of distance learning in technical schools is very small. “From 10 percent, if you can get it to 40-50 percent, your earnings will go up,” he added. “They have the expertise, but they don’t have the expertise to package and execute the project. We can do that for you. “

The company is also in talks with some educational institutions overseas to offer the technology platform, he said.


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