Barricades set up at Delhi University

The Delhi Supreme Court has ordered the University of Delhi to submit the data regarding the number of students who have applied online to apply for digital diplomas, as well as the numbers of those certificates issued.

The Supreme Court’s instruction was advised that despite a court order from the university, students did not receive digital degrees.

“This is totally against the order of this court. The deadlines set in the regulation of August 7th are strictly adhered to by DU, ”said Judge Prathiba M Singh.

The Supreme Court ordered the university to issue digital diplomas prior to September 7th for the two students who filed the pleas.

“In the affidavit to be submitted by the DU, the data on the number of students who have applied online to apply for digital diplomas and the number of digital diplomas issued online must be clearly stated,” said the judge.

The Supreme Court also dismissed Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Joint Director of the Computing Center of the University of Delhi (DUCC), agreed to join the process on September 7th via video conference.

The Supreme Court had passed a ruling on a series of petitions on August 7 and put in place due process for the issuance of diplomas through an online mechanism to ensure that delays in diploma printing did not become an obstacle for students who need this.

It then registered satisfaction with the digital certificate submitted by DU and found that an online platform had also been set up to enable students to apply for such certificates to be issued.

It had ordered DU to ensure that students’ digital certificates of completion are issued within a week of registration.

However, on Wednesday the Supreme Court was informed by law student Shubham Kumar Jain last year that he graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce, DU, in 2017 and was seeking a digital degree for the undergraduate degree that has not yet been issued .

He alleged that, despite filing the application for a digital diploma online and completing all formalities, the university insisted on physically filing a hard copy of the application.

He said he applied for the digital degree on Aug. 14, but it was not issued.

Lawyer Sarthak Maggon, who represents petitioner Dhritiman Ray, on whose plea passed the previous resolution to issue a digital degree, said that even he has not yet received his digital degree certificate.

He said he received more than 30 calls from students in a similar situation.

The Supreme Court stated that the purpose of issuing the certificates digitally and through an online mechanism is to waive the need for students to be physically present at the university during the COVID-19 pandemic and the process for students who do not are present to streamline Delhi and need the document either for employment or for training purposes.

The Supreme Court, according to the August 7 ruling, said it was clear that after registering on the portal, the digital diplomas must be issued within a week and the insistence on the physical filing of the same documents filed online nullifies the whole makes purpose of the order.

“It is made clear that DU must not insist on submitting printouts of the application or other related documents for the purpose of issuing digital certificates of completion. Insisting on submitting a printout would again ruin the entire process and create further inefficiencies. It would also force students to attend university, which should be avoided entirely, ”Justice Singh said.

The judge found that DU senior officials had previously advised that the data of all students who graduated by November 2019 is available at the university and that filing online would be sufficient.

“You are not allowed to insist on the physical submission of documents. Accordingly, the verification of applications submitted online for digital diplomas will be based on the online filing. Insisting on the physical presence of students or filing hard copies would be contrary to the August 7th order. Have a response to this request submitted before the next appointment, ”it says.


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