Students cannot be promoted without final exams: SC

The Supreme Court said Friday that states and universities cannot sponsor students without holding final exams by September 30th.

A bank headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan upheld the UGC’s decision to hold exams for the final year. If a state believes it cannot take exams by that date, it will need to contact the UGC for new dates to take the exam.

The bank, which also includes Judges RS Reddy and MR Shah, said states are required to hold audits in accordance with UGC guidelines, and they must seek permission for any exception. You can postpone the final exams under the Disaster Management Act, but new dates must be set in consultation with UGC, it said.

Yuva Sena, the Shiv Sena youth wing, is one of the petitioners on Apex Court and has challenged UGC’s policy to conduct investigations into the coronavirus pandemic.

The UGC had previously said that the July 6th guidelines were based on expert advice and were created after reasonable consideration, and it is wrong to claim that it will not be possible to conduct the final examinations as the guidelines are intended.

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The UGC attacked the decisions of some states such as Maharashtra and Delhi to cancel their final exams, stating that such decisions will have a direct impact on standards of higher education and will constitute an encroachment on the legislative area of ​​coordinating and setting standards of higher education that is exclusively applies to the Parliament in accordance with Annex VII of the Constitution.


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