Students applying for college admission in one place via Covid
GUWAHATI: Students applying for admission to undergraduate universities this year are keeping several options open due to the uncertainties arising from the pandemic.

Many students who have already applied to Delhi University (DU) affiliated colleges also have their names on the cut-off lists of leading colleges here. Some of them were even admitted to colleges outside of the Northeast. All decisions depend on the DU cut-off list.

Aditi Bagaria passed the CBSE Class XII boards with flying colors and her name is on the Cotton University (CU) cut-off list for BA approval. Although admission dates are yet to be announced, Aditi said she will accept admission to the CU first and decide later about joining the DU. Although her decision could block a seat at CU pending DU approvals, Aditi said she is keeping her options open.

“As more students achieved over 95% this year, we know that the limit values ​​will continue to rise everywhere. We applied here in Guwahati to consider the possibility of higher cut-offs in Delhi and uncertainties due to Covid-19, ”said Aditi, who scored 97.5%.

Some students have also received online admission in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, which are preferred destinations for NE students.

Tarun Chanda, father of another aspirant, Rishika Chanda, said his daughter recently received admission to Wilson College, University of Mumbai. After Rishika passed Class XII with 94%, he wanted to take higher degrees outside of the Northeast.

“I don’t know if my daughter’s dream of studying at DU would come true, but we wanted her to get more attention outside of the area. As of now, Rishika is admitted to Wilson College, but she is going to college YOU change if luck suits you, ”said Chanda, a resident of the Biswanath district in northern Assam.

Rishika ranks 397th on the CU’s BA cut-off list. While it is likely that she will be accepted into the CU, whether or not Rishika receives honors on the subject of her choice is an issue. “We don’t want to risk our students’ careers and hope that online classes will start with Wilson soon,” added Chanda.

“Without a doubt, the students are in one place because of the Covid-19 situation. Over the past few years we have found that 80% of Assam students who applied for admission to DU did not apply to state colleges. This time 95% of the students applied in both Delhi and Assam. If the situation in Covid improves they will go to Delhi. They also find themselves in a dilemma with the possibility of higher limits at DU universities, ”said Ranjan Bikash Borah, advisor to the All Assamese Student’s Association, New Delhi.

He added that the number of applicants to general education colleges has increased as medical and technical entrance tests are not yet required, which can escalate the limits.


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