Students of government-run primary school, Harduan, in Koraon development block of Prayagraj studying on Tablet

In the midst of the Covid pandemic that has ravaged classroom studies, the state government has instructed district judges and civil servants in the Department of Basic Education to identify ways in which the community can participate in dealing with the lack of required digital infrastructure at most government-run primary and secondary schools 1.60 lakh to check schools in Uttar Pradesh.

Officials have been asked to reach out to NGOs, social organizations and even individuals and companies interested in launching certain schools and help set up computers and Wi-Fi connectivity for the benefit of students.

Even Gramm Panchayat funds can be used to upgrade schools as centers of digital learning, officials say.

Renuka Kumar, additional chief secretary for basic education, duly specified the elements and their technical specifications required to promote the digital infrastructure of these institutions in a September 2 ruling sent to all district judges.

The copies of the order were also distributed to all departmental commissioners, including the general director (school education) and the director (basic education).

“On orders, we have asked all block formation officers to reach out to and invite individuals, NGOs and corporations who might contribute to this noble mission,” said Shiksha Adhikari, Prayagraj, Sanjay Kumar Kushwaha.

It is planned to involve community members and even companies that want to make a contribution in this regard as part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives.

The letter lists the computer, mouse, keyboard, USB ports for WiFi and speakers, and projectors and screens for inverters that officials must procure for the schools through these efforts.


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