With a view to getting outsiders’ views about implementing NEP in such a way that improves learning at the government secondary schools, the committee has nominated a few members who are not government officials.

The State Secondary Schools Department has set up a 12-person Steering Committee to ensure the effective implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) -2020 in the secondary schools of Uttar Pradesh.

The first meeting of the committee, formed under the additional senior secretary for secondary education, Aradhana Shukla, is due to take place on Wednesday.

In order to get outsider views on the implementation of NEP in a way that improves learning in state secondary schools, the committee has appointed some members who are not government officials.

Committee members include former CBSE chair Ashok Ganguly; Former Secretary, Secondary Education, Sandhya Tewari; Vice Chancellor of the Technical University Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak; past chairman of the National Institute of Open School, Mahesh Chandra Pant; CBSE, Pavnesh Kumar and Sarvendra Vikram Bahadur Singh, Former Head of Auditing.

Three nominated members are the founding director of the Institute for Career Studies (ICS), Amrita Dass; Group CEO, UK India Business Council (UKIBC) and former CEO, NSDC, Skill India Mission, Jayant Krishna and Founding President and CEO of the Study Hall Educational Foundation, Urvashi Sahni.

“I consider my presence on the Steering Committee to be an invaluable opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Education Department in order to change the career scenario in Uttar Pradesh, especially in the post-Covid period. ICS will facilitate the establishment of a well-resourced career cell in each UP state school to make informed career choices and also equip them with employability skills, “Dass said.

Jayant Krishna said, “I want to help the UP government improve learning outcomes at every level of secondary education while ensuring equitable and inclusive education. The optimized use of technology in education would also be my focus. I welcome the incorporation of life skills into education and I will support the UP government in achieving this. “

Sahni said she was very excited to contribute to state schools and was honored to be part of the committee.

Some government officials are also part of the committee. They are supported by the director of SCERT, Lalita Pradeep. Bhagwati Prasad, Director of Joint Education, and another officer, Vivek Nautiyal.


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