St. Stephen's News: St. Stephen's College fined Hosteller Rs 100 per day for non-eviction
NEW DELHI: St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University has set a deadline of August 7th within which the hosts can vacate their rooms. Otherwise, they will be beaten with a fine of Rs 100 per day.

The students are dissatisfied with the recent announcement and said it was “unfair”, especially now that they are stuck in their hometowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

College principal, John Varghese, said the students had been reminded to vacate their rooms repeatedly since early July.

He said the college would need to “fumigate” and “refurbish” the student rooms that will come after the new session begins.

“Given the ongoing pandemic and the numerous requests from resident junior members, students who cannot vacate their rooms can keep their rooms from August 7th, 2020 with a modest room rental fee of Rs 100 per day.” A note on the college website said.

“Resident Junior members are also hereby informed that if and when the government grants permission to reopen the home, all belongings and luggage will be moved one week before the date of reopening to facilitate the necessary cleaning and renovation In this case, the college is not responsible for any loss or damage, “added the note.

Previously, on June 23, the students were again told to vacate their rooms.

A hosteller currently in West Bengal said the college was “unfair” and calculated almost double what they would normally pay for the room.

He left Delhi for his hometown two days before March 9, when the mid-semester break began.

The mid-semester break continued until March 15, but before that, the University of Delhi announced that it would be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Then the lockout was announced and we could not return to Delhi. Even in the current situation, travel is not safe. Students are stuck in the northeast and distant areas and cannot return in time. We usually pay Rs 1,400 as a room rental for a month but according to the current price we end up paying Rs 3,000 for a month, “said the student on condition of anonymity.

He said the students were given the opportunity to authorize their local guardians to pick up their belongings, but neither is it possible because the keys to the rooms are with the hostellers.

Another hosteller who is stuck in Kashmir cited the problem of unsafe travel during the pandemic and said he wrote to the dean (residence) but there was no solution to the problem.

“There are some students who live near Delhi and could travel by car and pick up their things. But my local guardian lives in a security zone and cannot travel in such a situation. It is unfair at this time,” said he said.

The headmaster said that some of the students spread “misinformation”.

“At the time of the ban, many students had left for the mid-semester break. They haven’t returned since the ban. Nobody talks about college not charging them from that point on. They were only here on August 7th. They were not charged a single amount for the period when they were not here, “said Varghese.

He said there were some students who were there until June 30th and they were only calculated for the time they were here, which means that they are not calculated for July.

“We have admissions and we have to prepare for the new students. Applications are made every year in our dormitories. So we have to finish the rooms, do repairs, fumigation, disinfection and then get rooms for the new ones. A group of students coming but we don’t know when, “he added.

“If things are not removed, we cannot do repairs or disinfect,” he said, adding that the dean (residence) has ordered everyone to remove their belongings, and if they cannot come, they can be a friend or a relative in Delhi to come and remove their things.

Many of the students did that, said the headmaster.

From July onwards, the pupils were regularly informed and informed, and they were given until August 7th.

“Now the lock has been opened and there are no travel restrictions. What is preventing them from doing so? That will be true (regarding restrictions in certain places), but they are directly related to the deanery and have been asked to authorize someone. I do not think that a large number of students still kept their belongings here, “said the headmaster.

Varghese said that what they have to pay is not a “rent” but a “penalty”.

“You deposit your luggage in the cloakroom of an airport or train station and are charged hourly. But we have to be fair and prepare for the students who come,” he said.

In the current scenario, the process of disinfection and cleaning will be a longer process, said Varghese.

He added that there are “certain procedures” that can be followed if the students have taken the keys with them and are aware of the process.


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