Sending students home amid a pandemic is the worst: US health professional

As the coronavirus pandemic hit the US and reached colleges and universities, Anthony Fauci, the country’s foremost health expert who led the coronavirus task force, urged colleges to keep students on campus regardless of whether they are sick or not, NBC reported.

In an interview with NBC, Fauci said, “It’s the worst thing you can do. When you send them home, especially when you’re dealing with a university with people from several different places, you could be the different ones Sow places with an infection. “

Dr. Coronavirus Task Force coordinator at the White House, Deborah Birx, warned the government Monday, saying that college students could spread the virus and be the cause of another larger outbreak if they venture off campus.

“If these people are sent home in their asymptomatic state to spread the virus in their hometown or in their vulnerable households, what we saw in the south in June could really be restored,” Birx said, according to a source of the call, NBC report added.

Two biggest outbreaks

Health experts raised concerns when the two largest outbreaks broke out at the University of Iowa.

The state of Iowa, which has a large student population, reported an increase in the second week of school with a positivity rate of 28.8 percent among students.

According to the University of Iowa’s Covid-19 dashboard, nearly 1,000 students have tested positive in the past two weeks.

While James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia reported over 400 cases of the coronavirus after they resumed classes. The University of Notre Dame in Indiana reported around 600 cases.

In another interview with CNN, Fauci said colleges and universities should only resume classes if they have appropriate protocols in place. This includes regular tests, surveillance tests at various intervals, and readily available quarantine rooms.

The US has now registered over 6.6 million cases of the coronavirus, with 187,000 deaths reported so far, according to the Worldometer dashboard.

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