School Reopening in Assam: SOPs are being released as students in grades 9-12 try to reopen school in Assam
GUWAHATI: The government of Assam on Wednesday declared the SoPs for reopening schools and colleges in the state from September 21 in compliance with Covid-19 protocols.

Six months after the date of schools closing due to the pandemic, the State Secondary Schools Department has notified the SOPs for the reopening of educational institutions in Assam from grades IX to XII. The educational institutions were closed from March 15th. Although online lessons are enabled, many students were unable to access them due to various restrictions.

In a resolution by the General Secretary of State Secondary Schools Department B Kalyan Chakravarthy, it was determined that the SOP would come into force on September 21 and be in effect for the next 15 days. Subsequently, the SOP will be changed after the situation has been observed for 15 days from September 21, he said in the order.

“After the institutions reopen, we will hold regular meetings with Deputy Commissioners. All student data is carefully monitored. This is the first big step to get education going again after the Covid-19 outbreak, ”Chakravarthy told TOI.

According to general guidelines in the SOP, students in grades IX, X, XI, and XII can come to schools and colleges while all other grades remain suspended. It has been stated that for the students in grades IX and XII, classes will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For the X and XI standards, the courses are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

“For each class, the students should be divided into two groups. If the total number of students in a class is less than 20, no division into groups is required. The first group of students will come to school at 9:00 a.m. and be in school by 12:00 noon. For the second group of students, lessons will be held from 1pm to 4pm, ”says the SOP.

The respective school authorities will ensure that the students in the first group are sent home before the start of lessons for the second group.

“The students will come to school, provided their parents have no objections and therefore a written commitment / confirmation should be presented to the schools,” added the SOP and made it clear that under the pandemic situation, the total number of teachers and non-teachers in educational institutions should be limited to 50%.

Teachers with severe comorbid conditions such as chronic kidney disease, type 2 diabetics with severe condition, heart surgery and cancer are exempted from school attendance by the head of the facilities, according to the SOP. The facility manager was also asked to contact the health authority on a weekly basis for regular spot checks, samples of teachers and students covering a maximum of 10% of teachers and students at the specified time.

All schools (with grades IX to XII) were asked in the SOP to specifically ensure the continuation of online and distance learning despite the reopening of the educational institutions. “Instead of biometric attendance, the school administration must make alternative arrangements for contactless participation. Teachers and students must maintain a physical separation of 6 feet at all times wherever possible, ”the SOP said.


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