School for meritorious students in Uttarakhand: CM Rawat
DEHRADUN: Prime minister Trivendra Singh Rawat announced on Monday that a school for deserving pupils is being opened in Uttarakhand that will provide poor children with free education.

Candidates must pass a state entrance test for admission to this grade 6 through 12 school, Rawat said as part of the state government’s E-Samvad program. The school will raise fees from students with a good financial background and use the money to raise children from poor backgrounds free of charge. The prime minister reaffirmed the state government’s commitment to high-quality higher education and spoke about his plans to open a national law college, a science college for postgraduate studies and research alongside a state-owned college for skills development. He asked the students to work hard to assure them of any support from the state government.

As an example, he mentioned that a student from Chamoli had been selected for admission to the London School of Arts and that all arrangements for his education abroad had been made by the government. He asked them not to rest until they reached their goal in life and said they should be inspired by former President APJ Abdul Kalam, who was not disappointed by his rejection at an interview in Dehradun for a job in the armed forces.

“He (Kalam) went to Rishikesh, was led by a saint, and grew up to be one of the best scientists in the country and later to become his president,” said Rawat.

Referring to another inspiring example, the Prime Minister said that there is an IAS official in Uttarakhand who used to work as a worker.

He described patriotism as the best of all human virtues and said that students could choose any career they wanted, but doing something for the country should be their primary goal in life.


In the IIM Ahmedabad report, 80% of respondents were “satisfied with the Rupani government’s dealings with Covid-19”.

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