SC asks UGC to respond to requests against instructions to complete the final exam by September 30
NEU-DELHI: The Supreme Court instructed the University Grants Commission (UGC) on Monday to respond to the petitions challenging the July 6 directive to all universities through September 30, under the COVID -19 pandemic to conduct exams for the senior year.

The petitions raised several questions, including the plight of students’ lakhs in places like Bihar and Assam, which are suffering from flooding, and the fact that many states have already canceled state university exams last year due to the pandemic.

A bank led by Justice Ashok Bhushan announced that the UGC and others should respond to the pleas within three days, and the matter was heard on July 31.

“Send a copy of the petition Tushar Mehta, Attorney General, and the lawyer of the University Grants Commission. The affidavit must be submitted within three days. Any rejoinder can be filed on or before the next hearing, ”the bank said in its order.

Prosecutor General Tushar Mehta informed the bank, which included judges RS Reddy and RS Shah, that they only deal with final exams and have completed the exams from over 800 universities in country 209.

According to Mehta, around 390 universities are currently conducting the exams.

Regarding the guidelines issued by the authorities, he said that students can appear in the exams online, offline or in a mixture of both.

The bank said a consolidated response to the series of petitions, including those submitted by Shiv Sena’s Yuva Sena youth wing, should be filed.

A lawyer for one of the petitioners informed the bank that several countries had raised objections to the conduct of pandemic reviews.

In one of the petitions submitted by 31 undergraduate students last year, a request was made to repeal the July 6 directive, which required all universities or colleges across India to take exams for the final academic year by September 30.

“It is respectfully stated that the same UGC had postponed the university exams scheduled for July 2020 due to the COVID 19 outbreak. However, it is shocking that the UGC surveyed is now deteriorating to a dangerous level as the COVID 19 crisis worsens has shaken, has decided to take all of the tests across India in a completely arbitrary manner, ”said the lawyer Alakh Alok Srivastava’s complaint.

It was claimed that students were given previous music sheets and degrees until July 31.

“Due to the late allocation of sheet music / degrees, the petitioners mentioned here and many other students of the last academic year are deprived of valuable opportunities for admission to higher courses and / or for obtaining jobs, which in turn will be the violation of Article 14 (equality before the law), “it said.

The complaint asked for parity, while pointing out that various other bodies, such as CBSE and ICSE, have canceled their remaining exams due to a COVID-19 pandemic and have explained the results based on past student performance or internal ratings.

“On the one hand … UGC exempted the students of the intermediate years / the semester from taking the exams due to the COVID 19 outbreak and decided to support them based on their previous academic achievements,” it continues.

“On the other hand…. UGC forces students of the last academic year to take the exams, which is absolutely discriminatory since they have no reasonable connection with the intended goal, i.e. H. The safety of the students, and therefore manifestly violates Article 14, ”the plea states.

Several states, including Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, have been claimed to have canceled state university final exams, while students from other states and universities have been forced to appear in the year’s final exams.

The complaint alleged that the authorities had ignored the plight of students from Bihar, Assam and the northeastern states currently under flooding, and that online or offline testing in such locations was not possible.

She asked the authorities for instructions not to take the final exams and to declare the results based on past performance or the students’ internal assessment.

Instructions were also asked to the authorities to then provide another option for grade students who may be unsatisfied with their scores based on past performance or internal ratings.


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