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🔥 Results of the CISCE Board 2020 | ICSE-ISC Bhopal City Topper, results of the CISCE Board 2020 announced. Study, entertainment too, neither film left nor friends with; Drawing done, novels read and still reached the top


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July 11, 2020, 4:56 PM IS

The results of the ICSE and ISC exams were announced on Friday by the Council for Examination of Indian School Certificate (CISCE). The toppers in these studies made some formulas for their studies, they were slightly different from the study. For this reason, he stayed away from stress during the exam and only focused on studying.

Formulas of toppers – learning, entertainment too. Changed the way of learning with the school balance approach, giving children free hope instead of restrictions.

Class 10 (ICSE)

Math excitement, 100% points

Exam preparation begins at the beginning of the year. There were tensions with math and 100 out of 100 points. Re-sharing of all papers from the past 10 years, which made the preparation so strong that all questions in the paper seemed familiar to me. – Srishti Duggal

Draw as soon as you have time to study

Studied six to seven hours from the start. For this I have created a minute by minute schedule so that I can give each topic the same time. Before the exam, 10-year-old exam documents were also solved. If I had time to study, I would start drawing. I want to be a scientist. -Seven Wangker

There was weakness in Hindi, focus on that

I focused mostly on Hindi. Because this topic was weak. But now I’m very happy with the result. Studied each subject weekly. I like to read crime and thriller books. I have to continue designing, so I’m going to work harder now. -Atrei Bhatia

Study another PCM

I am an average student. But I always got very good numbers in my math. However, my school teacher and my parents gave me great support in my success. I love reading fiction books, so I read books every night. Next I have to learn with PCM. Security role

Class 12 (ISC) ….

Used to discuss with parents

Make notes with your handwriting so that the topics are easy to understand. Every topic was discussed with the parents. Because I believe that when the curriculum and questions are discussed in clear language, it is better to stick to them. Studied no longer than four hours.-Arya Shukla

Now for mechanical engineering

At the beginning of the session, the daily revision was carried out by taking notes on the topics mentioned in the classes. To get a subject, study it by creating a schedule. A fixed time slot was also active on social media. I have to do mechanical engineering from IIT Madras in the future. – Raghav Tripathi

The degree is completed by 11 p.m.

Giving priority to practical issues. He practiced for an hour or two every day. My goal has always been to finish my course by 11:00 am so I can see Bigg Boss. I have to clarify UPSC through further eco-awards. -Sahil Mehta

The teachers use every difficulty

At the beginning of the year, the entire focus was on the study. Whenever it got stuck, the teachers were available to hard remove all the time. Don’t forget to give yourself a bit of luck during the exam so as not to get stressed. Even during board exams I saw movies and hangouts for friends. -Kashvi Chaturvedi

Everything is easy with the stories of the grandparents

Hindi became a favorite subject due to the stories told in Dadi’s childhood. The grandfather told stories about the story and the mother is a psychologist, which made psychology easy. I wanted to study in the UK. I had applied to 6 universities and was selected overall. -Amrita Sandhu

These are the top 5 students in the city

10. Board

students school percent rank
Srishti Duggal TSVS 99.0% 1
Tanvi Waingkar Bilabong 98.6% 2nd
Atreya Bhatia TSVS 98.6% 2nd
Pilgrimage Bilabong 98.2% 3rd
Advaita Jain TSVS 98.0% 4th
Neha Raghuvanshi TSVS 98.0% 4th
Hemanya Harsh Sampat TSVS 97.8% 5
Rishant Sharma TSVS 97.8% 5

12. Board

students school percent rank
Kashvi Chaturvedi Bilabong 98.5% 1
Amrita Sandhu TSVS 98.25% 2nd
Arya Shukla Bilabong 98.25% 2nd
Sahil Mehta TSVS 98%, 3rd
Raghav Tripathi Bilabong 98% 3rd
Siddhant Rajoria Bilabong 97.5% 4th
Amreen Randhawa TSVS 97.25%, 5
Arya Shukla TSVS 97.25% 5
Satyavati Sinha Bilabong 97.25% 5


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