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Universities are always better known as creators of knowledge than as simple disseminators. This is all the more relevant today, as almost all of the knowledge collected by humans is available digitally and the task of disseminating knowledge at universities is therefore quickly taken over by the digital media. This gives universities the opportunity to create more knowledge, do more research, uncover more natural secrets, develop innovations for social benefit, preserve the environment and lead a better human life.

In this context, Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), the first state private university to receive an A + rating of 3.28 from NAAC, has committed to promoting talent and strengthening academics and research, by applying unique and innovative practices to continue to redefine the academic aspects of excellence.

Prof. N.N. Sharma, pro-president of Manipal University Jaipur, says the university is committed to creating knowledge through research and innovation, and the best part is that it benefits society and local needs. According to Prof. Sharma, all research is good, whether it is basic research or applied research, but the research or knowledge creation that benefits society’s needs in terms of immediate requirements and local problems can be expected to be applauded. MUJ is a leading example of creating knowledge through societal needs-based research. Some of the significant final research projects with social connections carried out by members and students of the MUJ faculty are listed below:

  • Multifunctional Jaipur hand: As we know, along with its culture and heritage, Jaipur is known worldwide for its greatest medical inventions, Jaipur Foot. For the millions of people in the world who have lost their hands for some reason, the multifunctional artificial hands are available today, but very expensive and beyond the affordability of the poor. MUJ together with Piltover Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (an incubation of MUJ students) has developed Jaipur-Hand that is not only cheaper but also works better. The hand costs are less than INR 15000 / – and the mechanical version was handed over to Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti, Jaipur, who is now improvising the automated version at her suggestion.
  • Artificial bones: Members of the MUJ Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering department have developed biocompatible artificial bones that can replace human bones lost due to severe fractures, diseases, etc. This eliminates the need for surgery to remove metallic implants.
  • Unbreakable and fireproof titles: Rajasthan tumbles under the pressure of accumulated marble mud dust. Since we know that marble sludge takes the form of an environmental threat, MUJ researchers have turned the threat into an opportunity and turned it into unbreakable and refractory soil titles. The costs are almost the same as normal ceramic tiles and because of their unbreakable and fireproof nature they are superior.
  • Industrial class face shields: In the current pandemic situation, where the whole world is fighting CoViD-19, the requirement for face protection is required. In this line, MUJ developed an industrial-class face shield and donated 500 such shields to the police in Rajasthan.

Research at the MUJ has received a focus and can be seen in the publications of the faculty members in renowned journals. At present, the quality of research measured by SciVal’s Field Impact Factor at MUJ is much higher than the global average. In a short period of their existence, faculty members at the MUJ brought in extramural grants from large state node agencies such as DST, DBT, ICSSR, CSIR etc.

With a view to promoting entrepreneurship, Manipal University Jaipur was selected as one of the Atal Incubation Centers (AIC) by the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Government of India. There are various start-up incubations under one roof, which take shape under the supervision, guidance and supervision of internal and external specialists. DST, government of Rajasthan, recognized the university as a center of excellence and identified it as a technology and training center. Since both centers focus on using the power of the available knowledge capital, the university offers the students many platforms to convert their innovative ideas into sustainable, marketable products. The students demonstrated their spirit by participating in hackathons at national level and winning prizes. To date, the university has founded 49 startups, some of which have maintained and attracted public and private institutions.


To expand the innovation ecosystem, MUJ has set up high-end research facilities, including “Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Lab”, “Central Analytical Facility”, “Multi-Scale High-End Computing Facility”, “Dassault-CATIA Lab” and many more. These facilities cannot be found in any private facility. With these facilities and highly qualified faculty members, students of the MUJ show their talents worldwide. The student of B.Tech Computer and Communication Technology and his team (LUXETICS) recently won the Hacking Medicine HealthHack 2020 Challenge for CoViD-19 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. They developed a near infrared spectrum based product for CoViD-19 and won $ 2500. You were invited to present at MIT Hong Kong Nod after the pandemic is under control.

With this scenario, the future invites the education system to work and learn through research and innovation, to create knowledge, and all Indian universities should attempt to compete globally and make a social contribution.


To learn more about Manipal University Jaipur, visit: or contact toll free: 1800 1020 128

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