Register now for the BA in Liberal Arts from Bennett University or the BCA in Data Science and Cloud Computing. Register now for the BA in Liberal Arts from Bennett University or the BCA in Data Science and Cloud Computing

🔥 Register now for the BA in Liberal Arts from Bennett University or the BCA in Data Science and Cloud Computing. Register now for the BA in Liberal Arts from Bennett University or the BCA in Data Science and Cloud Computing


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  • Register now for the BA in Liberal Arts at Bennett University or the BCA in Data Science and Cloud Computing

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Bennet University was founded by the Times of India Group and continues the 180-year tradition of the basic principles of journalism. The aim is to offer India’s students and postgraduates high-quality education at renowned universities. You have to be prepared for life and career. The University of Greater Noida promotes the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the development of student skills in all areas of higher education. Taking future trends and industry demand into account, Bennett University has launched two cutting-edge courses to help students master the challenges of the new world.

BA in Humanities

Liberal Arts Education trains you in leadership

Professional scope:

Did you know that CEOs who built huge empires like Starbucks, You Tube, HBO and Walt Disney studied Liberal Arts? In other words, great leaders have multidimensional skills that can be achieved by studying liberal arts. To keep up with today’s ever-changing world, Bennett University recently launched a BA in Liberal Arts program where you can shape your own future by combining your creativity with business knowledge. .

Program / theme features:

A three-year diploma in humanities or a one-year postgraduate diploma develops analytical skills for students in analytical problem solving that enable them to think innovatively and interact creatively. To expand your skills and limits, Bennett University gives you 11 different subjects in the first year, such as psychology, philosophy, business administration, computer applications, marketing, journalism, advertising and public relations, economics, political science, English literature and finance. The basics of the topics are presented and you can choose any topic of your choice as the main topic. Bennett University is the first university in India to offer so many opportunities.

BCA (Data Science) and BCA (Cloud Computing and Cyber ​​Security)

These courses prepare you for some of the most breathtaking jobs in the 21st century. Because almost every company has to deal with a lot of data and everyone has introduced some form of cloud computing.

Professional scope:

The world is changing rapidly. In recent years, modern technology has changed our lives, work and games. Wherever we work, there are definitely some technological disruptions in our daily activities. Technology also dominates the workplace. Every company that works with data needs data science experts. Nowadays, data is an important asset for every company, and therefore data security is also important. Nowadays, almost every other company uses cloud storage for its data. These companies also need experts in cloud technology and cyber security.

Program / theme features:

This program mainly includes courses that focus on future technologies based on industry demand. In this program, students can choose any three certifications (one per year) from the fields of cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, web technologies, or artificial intelligence.

Why only Bennett University?

  • The right price-performance ratio: The courses offered at Bennett University offer the right return for the money you pay.
  • State-of-the-art technology and excellent infrastructure: Bennett University’s 68-hectare campus has all the modern amenities, including state-of-the-art AC classrooms and hostels. A world-class sports center, an ATM, a food court, a fair, a pharmacy, a gym, and two libraries on campus are included.
  • Meeting with industry leaders and film personalities: Being a Bennett University student has its advantages. Students here can not only meet and interact with industry leaders who come to the Times of India group regularly, but also with film personalities who come for film advertising.
  • Unique exposure: Bennett University has the best faculties in technology, law, media and management so students can meet and learn from the best people in different fields.

Register today for these future sports courses at Bennett University and quickly move on to your brilliant future leaders.

Contact us for more information on courses offered by Bennett University: Or contact number – 1800 103 8484


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