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The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs study predicts that five million jobs will be lost before 2020 as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other socio-economic factors replace the need for human labor.

At the same time, however, 2.1 million jobs will be created in the new field, such as computers, mathematics, architecture and engineering.

The new jobs created require different skills. Therefore, preparing future generations to thrive in the changing landscape is of paramount importance.

“To unlock the full potential of the opportunities created by advanced technology, we need a similar revolution in education. The ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida is one such place that focuses on developing Education 4.0 for students to meet the changing needs of the industry, ”said Sohil Chadha, ITS Vice Chairman, The Education Group (1996 ).

“We strongly believe in combining the futuristic subjects with the traditional ones and providing a competency-based curriculum that is critical to success in today’s world,” he added.

Intense focus on future skills

“We understand that educational institutions play a very important role in this dynamic era and that society needs a more robust education system to face the challenge. Together with the strong digital skills, the World Economic Forum has predicted that the new skills required for Education 4.0 will be complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, human resource management, teamwork and collaboration, emotional intelligence, judgment and decision making, and service orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility. With technology-driven teaching methods, our faculty (including PhD students from IITs) follows these guidelines to integrate these skills into students through new and scientific teaching methods. Skills related to advanced technologies and virtual collaboration are also enhanced through project-based learning. We also offer expert interviews, career counseling, personal development, soft skills training, and major / side projects that make the students technologically and thus employable, ”said Chadha, an engineering engineer at the renowned Purdue University in the United States.

The entrepreneurial hotspot

The ITS Engineering College strives to promote the entrepreneurial thinking process and leads its students to found their own company (start-up) after completing their programs.

“The college has a NewGen IEDC, start-up Cell & Business Incubation Center on campus in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Small, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. In fact, ITS recently received funding of 2.87 billion rupees and 44 billion rupees from MSME & DST. Once the prototype is ready, the college will help you register your patents / intellectual property. If the student wants to start the company for a scalable and marketable idea, the college also offers seed capital. The college supports all business, including space, power, equipment, and logistics needs, ”said Chadha.

Industry-ready engineers

For students who want to join companies, ITS closes the gap between courses and industry requirements. Students are trained in advanced laboratories for industry skills. The ITS Engineering College has nine company-certified laboratories on our campus, known as Centers of Excellence (CoE), in which classes and laboratories are set up.

Industry leaders such as Apple iOS, SMC Pneumatics, National Instruments, Rockwell Automation, software tests, SYSCOM, development of Android apps, R systems as well as embedded e-Yantra systems and robotics were invited to the CoEs, among others, to share their knowledge.

They also have software testing labs, Android Application Development Centers, and even IOS testing labs. These special laboratories equip students with the latest skills and technologies.

Strive for a better future

With all of these efforts, ITS Engineering College aims to realize the Indian government’s vision to increase the number of industry-ready engineers in the country.

The college is constantly striving to help disseminate high quality technical education across the country. The college works with the ICP (Individual Career Plan), which helps its students have a solid career plan. With the NAAC and NBA accreditation, the college intends to become a college of choice in the future.

“We work consistently on the employability of the students and promote the start-up culture on campus. The Corporate Research Center team invites the best companies to internship and we make sure that students have multiple job openings before leaving college. ITS is very proud to be one of the few engineering colleges that has an unbeatable record of internships in core industries like Mechanical & Civil, ”wrote Sohil Chadha.

Some of the recruiters at ITS Engineering College are industry leaders like TCS, Zycus, Reliance, BYJUs, NIIT, Amazon, HCL, Accenture and many more. The Alumni Circle over 2000 makes it easier for students to network and explore more career opportunities. With its futuristic startup policy, the college ensures that its students become future leaders and successful entrepreneurs.


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