Qualification and retraining will be the new norm for students: experts
PUNE: At the Times NIE Principals webinar, educators and experts emphasized a common platform to support the networking of school leaders in these times, the resale and scaling of students in the time of the spread of Covid-19 infection and how it new Has set normalities in society. The live webinar on “Foundations for a Great Career in an Uncertain World” was held on Wednesday by the Times NIE in collaboration with Atria University. The panelists at the forum highlighted the rising gig economy, the transition from job seekers to creators of value, who show the educators a way to lead the future workforce, among other things.

State Education Commissioner Vishal Solanki opened the panel discussion and stated that the students must be thoughtful about the current situation and develop innovative solutions and skills according to Covid. “This is the perfect time for students to learn, acquire, and modify their skills again. All educators need to think outside the box and work on methods and pedagogy so that children become independent and less dependent on their teacher and technology. ”

Solanki also said that parents and teachers need to monitor children’s screen time and see how they use this lockout time and acquire some skills that would otherwise not be possible.

The President of the Independent English Schools’ Association and Secretary of the Orbis Education Society, Haseeb Faquih, said that the gig economy took place because of the challenges the world is facing. “To reach the gray areas, the Gig Economy selected freelancers in the human resources and service industries from a pool of talent around the world. The situation in Covid has left millions of people unemployed, but the gig economy will give them the opportunity to work as freelancers. ”

Sujata Mallic Kumar, director of St. Mary’s School, said that résumés and branding sheets are not the hallmark of success today. It’s about qualifying yourself. “I will advise the students to go online for a good resume. At the same time, they should demonstrate their talent and skills to gain employers’ trust. At the same time, teachers have to adapt to this rapidly changing world, otherwise they will be left behind. To build a successful career, students must have good technological skills, strong concepts, thinking and application skills, communication skills, creativity and originality. ”

IT expert Deepak Shikarpur said: “Skill has become an integral part of every learner. Robotics and artificial intelligence have been added, and human intervention is diminishing. The education industry must use virtualization.”

Elpro International School principal Amrita Vohra spoke about how to learn and not what to learn. She said: “The uncertain future comes with fear and worry. We have to put this aside and look at uncertainty as a whole range of options. We need to examine how children can be unskilled or re-trained and how they can be better equipped for construction can the future. ”

Shaheem Rahiman, CEO of Atria Educations, said: “It is important to teach every learner to identify problems, define their problem, practice research-based learning and apply teamwork to solve problems, among other things.” Through a PowerPoint presentation the audience was informed that basic courses at Atria University for undergraduate students help to acquire life skills such as ethics, application of science, self-confidence, critical thinking, etc.

The session was followed by a question and answer session.


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