Punjabi University receives a patent for a "biosensor device" for the detection of milk disorders
PATIALA: Punjabi University Patiala has received an Indian patent for “Biosensor Device and Method for Estimation of Urea”. The main aim of this work is the detection of urea (carbamide), which is present in milk or used for the production of synthetic milk. The technology developed has clear advantages over the earlier sensors in terms of their fast response.

The work is carried out by the research team under the supervision of Prof. Minni Singh and her team Prof. Neelam and Varun Thakkar at the Department of Biotechnology at Punjabi University

The researchers said that by inventing the technology, it is easy to combat the false milk threat, which is increasing, especially during festivals.

“This is another great achievement” by faculty members at Punjabi University in Patiala. Many new projects have been approved and improving the NIRF ranking is a significant achievement for the university, ”said the university authorities.

Prof. Ashok Kumar Malik, director of the Directorate for Planning and Monitoring, who also acts as coordinator for the university’s intellectual property rights and technology transfer, said the university is “patent, publish and prosper”. -and encourages the faculty to invent innovative technologies.

Prof. B.S. Ghuman. The Vice Chancellor of Punjabi University, who expressed his delight at this significant achievement, added that many universities file a large number of patents and thus follow the numbers game. However, it is not an easy task to grant a patent, and that is exactly what it adds to an organization. He congratulated all faculty members of the Department of Biotechnology and emphasized the need for applied research. The Department of Biotechnology has the maximum number of patents granted at the university.


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