Private schools in Gujarat will resume online classes starting Monday - Education

Private schools in Gujarat have decided to resume online classes as of Monday at the parents’ request, but will continue to speak out against the state government’s order that they should not charge students until they remain closed, a school association spokesman said.

Over 15,000 private institutions have suspended online classes since Thursday after the Gujarat government instructed self-funded schools not to charge student fees as long as they remain closed after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the July 16 announcement, these schools were also asked not to increase fees for the 2020-21 school year.

Management of various private schools met on Saturday evening and decided to resume online classes on Monday after parents’ requests had been taken into account, said Deepak Rajguru, spokesman for the self-funded school association.

He said schools would continue to ask for state tuition notice to be withdrawn and would not open their offices or communicate with the education department until they found justice.

Some private schools have already moved the Gujarat Supreme Court to contest the notification.

According to Rajguru, nearly 16,000 schools had suspended online instruction to protest the state government’s “inhuman and insensitive” decision.

“During these three days, many parent organizations have contacted us via social media, text messaging, and phone calls, saying they are ready to continue their online education because the students can learn very well,” he said.

“Given their requirements, we met online on Saturday and decided to resume online classes,” he said.


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