Portal to expand logistics support to needy (advanced) JEE aspirants
NEW DELHI: With the support of other alumni associations and its students as well as other IITs, the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi is setting up a portal to extend the logistical support to needy JEE aspirants (advanced). The IIT-Delhi, which is planned for September 27, 2020, is the node institute for the implementation of the JEE (Advanced), has called on its community and the Good Samaritans to help students in need to reach the examination centers. V Ramgopal Rao, Director of IIT Delhi, also said that the IIT community will also try to help JEE (lead) aspirants. Rao has also asked the state governments and local authorities for assistance in carrying out the entrance test.

Any candidate who needs logistics to reach the exam center can register on the portal. In his appeal to current students, graduates of IITs and Good Samaritans, Rao said: “As citizens, we have to stand up together in times of crisis and help each other. When I’m in a village and have a car and when there is a poor student who goes to the Having to go to the exam center and can’t afford private transportation, I would take the student to the exam room. I would do it completely free. It goes without saying. I hope hearing the post-exam stories is over. ”

“Although the window is small, we would also try to help JEE (lead) aspirants. We are coordinating the establishment of the portal with the other IITs and alumni associations. JEE (advanced) aspirants who may need support can opt out Register September 11, “added Rao.

In general, the computerized test is carried out in 700 centers. However, in order to maintain the protocol of social distancing due to the pandemic, the number of centers has doubled.

The IIT Director also appealed to the state authorities for assistance in the smooth execution of the exams. “The number of exam centers will be doubled this year for all exams. For JEE (advanced) we want to assign 95-99% of students of their first choice as exam centers. State governments need to come on board. Local government needs to arrange special Repent and make special arrangements for students taking these exams, “Rao said.

Rao assured that the exams will be conducted safely and securely, saying that all members and staff of the IIT faculty will be directly involved in conducting these exams and many of them will be in person at the exam centers, “at least visiting in person Be 4 JEE Advanced will focus on the NCR region in Delhi to ensure the exam runs smoothly. ”

JEE Chairman (Advanced) Professor Sidharth Pandey from IIT-Delhi said: “We will ensure that in the current scenario of COVID-19, social distancing measures are implemented according to the guidelines of the Government of India for the health and safety of the Candidates to ensure. Appropriate action will be taken. ” Candidates are also asked to adhere to guidelines and new social distancing and hygiene practices to ensure the safety and health of their own and those around them. For security reasons, we strongly advise candidates not to bring anything other than approved items. However, in the event of an unavoidable situation, precautions will be taken to store the bags in centers at the risk of the owner. ”


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