PM Modi interacting with Kanika from Tamil Nadu in Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted on Sunday with students who performed well on board exams this year. PM Modi approached the nation through the Mann Ki Baat radio program. The address is broadcast every last Sunday of the month.

“If we look at our nation’s change with a positive attitude, we will be amazed at how quickly our country is changing. There was a time when only those who came from a prestigious school or college, significant families who lived in large cities, had success in sports and other sectors. But now young people from villages, small towns and ordinary families are also coming in. Something similar can be seen in this year’s examination results. Students from small towns and villages are making progress to make their dreams come true despite difficulties, ”said the Prime Minister.

He first interacted with Kritika Nandal, who passed the board exams this year. It comes from Panipat, Haryana. PM Modi congratulated her on passing the board exams and asked about her goal in life. She said, “I want to be a doctor.” PM Modi wished her the best of luck and said that doctors’ lives are entirely dedicated to society and that it is a 24-hour job. “Doctors have to work very hard all day. In the time of the pandemic, they risk their lives to serve the public, ”he added.

The Prime Minister then interacted with Vinayak from Ernakulam, Kerala. “How’s Josh doing?” asked the Prime Minister. “Up, sir,” he replied immediately. PM Modi congratulated Vinayak and asked if he was interested in social media and electronic devices. “No sir, we are not allowed to use social media and electronic devices in our classrooms,” said Vinayak, to which PM Modi replied, “So you’re lucky!”


He then spoke to Usman Saifi from Amroha, UP, and congratulated him on passing the board exams. PM Modi asked about his ambitions in life, to which Saifi replied: “I am preparing for JEE Mains that will take place in September and would like to enter an IIT. After completing my engineering, I would like to become an IAS officer. “About his hobbies, he said,” I love writing about current issues like GST, demonization, etc. “The Prime Minister was amazed to know that he loves to write about such key issues, apart from studying. “I am glad to know that you read and write about these important topics. Writing helps you improve your thinking and learning skills. “When he found out that Usman was interested in mathematics, he advised him to learn Vedic Mathematics online.

Finally he spoke to Kanika from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, whose father is a driver. She wants to be a doctor. “First of all, I give your father, who cares a lot about you and your sister (who also studies in MBBS), a pranam. It is a great service that he does. It is an inspiration for everyone. “

“When I hear from Namakkal, I think of the Anjaneyar Temple, now I will also remember my interaction with you,” he added.

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