Pandemic Teachers Day Celebration Celebrations
GUWAHATI: Teachers’ Day celebrations in the state may have been hit by the closure of educational institutions, but the government has given the go-ahead for official functions, albeit with some restrictions.

Given the pandemic, the function at the state level will be limited to the presence of 150 participants. According to the minutes of a high-level meeting called by the Education Department, the district education authorities are required to limit the district’s functions to 50 teachers. In practice, the government uses this occasion to give awards for excellence to teachers.

The role at the state level, which is the focus of the celebrations, is usually addressed by the Prime Minister and Minister of Education. This year the program will be organized at the Srimanta Sankardev International Auditorium in Kalakhetra in Panjabari. Drivers like “Teachers, not more than 150, will be present … along with other dignitaries”.

“The state award winners and certificate-winning teachers from schools and universities / heads of institutions are invited to this occasion,” says the minutes of the meeting of the education department. Heads of 10 institutions (schools) are selected for the congratulations. “The selection criteria are based on the school’s performance over the past five years and a minimum enrollment of 25 students,” he added.

The instructions from the Commissioner and Secretary of the Education Department, Preetom Saikia, state that there will be no cultural program. Serving meals and other such recreations is also prohibited. District judges, school inspectors, district level education officers, and heads of educational institutions have been directed to perform the functions in strict accordance with Covid-19 protocols and guidelines for the health and family departments issued by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA).

Saikia said that school principals who produced ranks in the State Board exams of grades X and XII this year will be congratulated with social distancing in mind. “The rank holders are also congratulated by the deputy commissioners,” Saikia said.

A meeting is organized by the deputy commissioner in each district, attended by the school inspector, district-level education officers, and heads of educational institutions, as well as school principals from five schools.

It was also directed at the deputy commissioners, school inspectors and elementary school officials at district and block level to take the initiative to ask school children to write a letter to their favorite teachers on the subject of “My teacher, my inspiration”. The letters are placed in the drop boxes installed in the schools and published online on websites, as there is no physical interaction between students and teachers on this occasion.


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